Daily multi-vitamin supplementing lowers cardiovascular risk, according to study

A daily multi-vitamin may protect men from cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke in the long-term, according to a new study tracking 20 years of vitamin use. The heart study discovered a 44% lower risk of major cardio vascular disease events over the 20 years of the study; however the study demonstrated no […]

Suicide rates are soaring in the U.S. and world

Suicide rates are soaring in the U.S. and world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one million people per year, or one person every 40 seconds, dies by his or her own hand. The highest rate of self-inflicted deaths worldwide (55 percent) occur among those aged 15 to 44, the age group where suicides are increasing fastest. Suicide […]

Copper deficiency and aneurysms

Copper? Well, we’ve all heard of copper mines and their market ups and downs. But how many people realize that copper deficiency and aneurysms are closely related? Yes, minute amounts of copper (Cu) are needed by all of our bodies. Copper is essential to all living organisms. In today’s world, deficiency is widespread. Four to […]

The health and historical roles of pomegranate

There’s a good reason for the inclusion of pomegranate in many high-quality whole food supplements. These ‘fruits of paradise’ are crammed full of polyphenol antioxidants that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which causes plaque formation and the development of coronary artery disease. Polyphenol antioxidants also help inhibit the growth of dangerous tumors that may become cancerous. […]

‘Healthy diet’ of fish becoming a health hazard due to modern pollutants

We’ve been told about the health benefits of fish for so long that that this dietary advice has become embedded in our health conscious souls. But like so much else in our toxic modern world, the much vaunted nutritional superiority of fish above all other meats is falling into disrepute, just another victim of the dissipation and detritus of […]

Mineral deficiency in today’s world

Today, in an era of industrial chemically-based agriculture, most of us do not get the minerals we require for good health. An official report of the Rio Earth Summit a few years ago concluded that over the last 100 years average mineral levels in agricultural soils had fallen worldwide—by 72 percent in Europe, 76 percent in Asia […]

Herbs to help reduce blood pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure afflicts many people today, and is responsible for increased risk of kidney disease, heart attacks, vision problems, heart failure, stroke and other health risks. Frequent exercise and movement (don’t sit for long periods), and a diet that includes more fruits and vegetables and less meat and dairy benefits all of us—and our […]

Avian flu devastating U.S. poultry supply

Have you wondered why poultry has lately become the best meat buy in the U.S? Undoubtedly, the primary reason is because a devastating avian flu, the most virulent strain called H5N2,  is sweeping the country with no end in sight. The flu epidemic was first identified in Boise, Idaho in back yard chickens. The count of dead […]

New study demonstrates immune benefits of high-dose vitamin C

Higher-dose vitamin C supplementation could help maintain immune functions in aging people. So says new research conducted on mice in Japan. Japanese researchers supplemented the diet of vitamin C-deficient mice with either the recommended 20 mg of vitamin C per day OR a high dose of 200 mg per day. After one year the researchers […]

Superbugs flying from factory farms

Superbugs have gone airborne, announced researchers at Texas Tech University. Antibiotic-resistant genes evolving in crowded feedlots have escaped to the air and are now capable of traveling long distances, said the scientists, who have been analyzing the particulate matter blowing over the Texas Panhandle and South Plains from the facilities. The researchers found that the particulates blowing downwind from the feedlots […]