Put on your thinking cap and consider these quotations about life, health and our planet

Put on your thinking caps and consider these quotations about life, health and our planet. While the following quotations comprise a different format than is usual here, they are appropriate to our mission of presenting important health issues for your consideration. *There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.—Mohandas Gandhi *What is the […]

Saving bees versus profits, politics and power

The importance of saving the continuously diminishing honeybee populations may seem like a no-brainer. However, that vital issue has become a battle of saving bees versus profits, politics and power. And even science. The mysterious bee colony collapse disorder (CCD) began more than a decade ago. At first, science working with government were regarded as the ‘saviors’ of bees. But […]

Human parasites and hosts on the land

In this world there are human parasites and hosts on the land that greatly affect the quality of our food. The host of agriculture will always be the land and the people who care for and depend on that land in accordance with nature’s laws and limitations. History is replete with examples of both human parasites and hosts […]

Bee-blight confronts EPA

The bee-blight came face-to-face with the Environmental Protection Agency recently when a truck loaded with nearly 3 million dead bees delivered the bodies to EPA headquarters. The purpose of this ‘special delivery’ was to provide a microscopic example of the massive declines of bee populations. Forty percent of U.S. beehives die annually—a $2 billion loss to each year’s economy. […]

History of agriculture

The history of agriculture began long, long ago, when the cave man gathered leaves, stalks, roots, fruit, nuts and seed in the jungles, forests and plains surrounding his habitat. He drifted north and south with the seasons in pursuit of his food. One day he realized that seeds dropped by accident near his cave grew […]

New robot weeder may lower our dependence on disease-causing herbicides

When was the last time you saw a commercial farmer weeding by hand? Unless you’ve visited India or China, probably not in your lifetime. In the modern age, the application of herbicides is the preferred method for ridding fields of weeds. Herbicides are dumped by airplane, helicopter, tractor, mechanical sprinklers, and automated tankers pouring it […]

More health freedom lost as U.S. House votes for corporate control

‘Elected officials in the U.S. House of Representatives proved once more that they are the slaves of corporate giants, with no regard for the wishes of states, communities and citizens. On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, Big Food and Monsanto won a decisive victory when the House approved a measure that bans mandatory labeling of genetically […]

Threat to banana crop teaches a lesson on lack of crop diversity

Sixty years ago a banana-killing fungus decimated plantations across Latin America. Today a new strain threatens to wipe out world production once again. It may turn out to be concern over nothing. Free markets have proven to be quite resilient in the face of crop scares that frequently make headline news. In recent years the […]

The sad history of our patented seed culture

This post is an updated version of a much earlier one, which we believe it is time to revive. In a January, 2011 issue of AcresUSA article entitled Seeds of Sustainability, Bill McDorman and Stephen Thomas tell how America’s third president, seed-saving Thomas Jefferson, set the stage for the principles of agricultural diversity and regional adaptability […]

Football player drops $37 mil contract to become a farmer

St. Louis Rams center Jason Brown gave up a $37 million contract to launch a dream of growing real food for North Carolina locals. Brown, who grew up in an urban setting and knew nothing about farming, secured a former dairy farm of over 1,000 acres and got busy preparing his operation centered around crops like cucumbers and […]