News on yogurt, olive oil and urban farming

HOW FOOD GIANTS TURNED YOGURT INTO JUNK FOOD. The Cornucopia Institute accuses Dannon, Yoplait, Chobani and other major marketers, of misleading parents into purchasing yogurts loaded with sugar and a myriad of artificial colors, emulsifiers and sweeteners. Cornucopia found that organic yogurt has far more advantageous ratios of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids and higher […]

The sad facts about your Thanksgiving turkey

This post may be a “kill the messenger” type of information—the kind many don’t want to know—but, nevertheless, we will proceed with a few facts that will hopefully inspire some of you to reconsider your next Thanksgiving dinner. Believe it or not, back in the 18th century Congress had a hard time deciding whether to make the […]

Mexican state protects bees, USDA approves more poisons

Beekeepers and indigenous groups in the Mexican state of Yucatan won an important court decision against Monsanto. A district judge overturned Monsanto’s permit for commercial planting of Roundup Ready soybeans in the state. The judge found that “co-existence between honey production and GMO soybeans is not possible,” given European restrictions on imports of honey contaminated […]

USDA throws a bone to organic farming

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced that the 2014-2015 USDA Farm Bill will include $52 million to fund various projects in the organic food field, because of the “growing  demand for organic and local food.” This is a “pillar of our efforts to revitalize rural economies,” he said, because “consumers want more organic options.” This represents USDA’s […]

Understand the GMO problem in 30 seconds

You’ve no doubt heard that some scientists assert that GMO crops actually perpetuate some of the very problems they profess to eliminate. But many people also do not want to invest the time to fully understand the situation. Today we have a quick fix for your dilemma! You can simply view the graphic below, brought […]

Sanctions war inflicts more hurt on farmers

As if crazy weather, troubled economies, pesticides and GMOs aren’t inflicting enough hardship on farmers, particularly small farmers, the ongoing sanctions war over the Ukrainian issue is another hammer over the head of farmers. In retaliation for the many economic U.S.- led sanctions against it, Russia has imposed a one year ban, effective immediately, on a number […]

EU passes U.S. as world’s biggest Ag exporter

The European Union has soared past the United States as the world’s top agriculture and food products exporter, mostly due to a huge increase in Chinese imports, notably soybeans, cotton and corn. The European Commission reports that the 28 countries of the Eu sold $163 billion in food and agriculture products in 2013, up 5.8 […]

If we are what we eat, many of us are in trouble

Sometime back we posted an article on the term ‘substantial equivalence,’ and how this doctrine paved the way for the flood of pesticides and GMO foods we have today. Substantial equivalence, introduced enthusiastically in 1993 by an economic and trade organization, NOT a health agency, basically says if a product is ‘mostly equal’ to an existing product […]

U.S. pressuring El Salvador to accept GM seeds

Richard Navarro, president of the El Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technologies, has requested the U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador to refrain from pressuring the El Salvador Government to buy Monsanto genetically modified seeds rather than non-GM seeds from domestic suppliers. The U.S. has been pushing the El Salvador Government to sign the second Millenium Challenge […]

GMO grains, grain oils banned from Chinese Army

One of those send-around-to-everyone emails has been circulating, warning Americans not to eat vegetables and farm-raised fish from China because they don’t have enough safeguards—which is fair enough. I wish small, local farmers grew all of our food. One thing about the U.S., we have plenty of government safeguards, most of them ‘safeguarding’ the GMO crops that seem to […]