Bullet point health news – quick summaries just for you

Bullet Point Health News includes quick summaries of intriguing news that catches our eye. For further information, we encourage you to do your own research. THE SEXIEST TURTLE IN THE WORLD A libidinous 100-year-old giant tortoise named Diego has almost single-handedly saved his species from extinction, says The Week. In the 1960s there were only 2 […]

Groovy garlic: Preparation tips to best preserve its high nutrient content

Groovy garlic has been used since since early antiquity as an antiseptic protection against the plague, infections and every other disease known to man and beast. Greeks and Romans used it to maintain health and give strength to their warriors. While it was shunned in western nations for many years as it was associated with the “lower […]

Eating garlic can prevent lung cancer, according to Chinese study

Eating garlic twice a week can cut the chances of lung cancer by almost half, according to research published online in the journal Cancer Prevention Research. In the study, Chinese researchers determined those who ate raw garlic at least twice a week cut the risk of lung cancer by 44 per cent. Moreover, the reduction […]

Some alternatives to feeding the Big Pharma pill monster

We in modern life are feeding a Big Pharma pill monster, and an out of control prescription drug problem. A new study from the U.S. Department of health and Human Services (HHS) reports that Americans spent $457 billion on prescription drugs in 2015, up $100 billion since 2009, according to Business Insider. It has been a very successful few years for Big […]

Garlic makes men smell ‘more attractive to women’

Previously we’ve written about garlic’s superfood ability to provide antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal benefits… now it appears the consumption of garlic also makes men smell better to the opposite sex. The research seems counter-intuitive to those women who suggest their mates take a breath mint when they detect the ‘noxious’ garlic odor on their breath; […]

1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA

Yesterday we reported on the growing concern over antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.” Superbugs, are super bacteria that created over time as a natural phenomenon due to overuse of antibiotics. Modern medicine faces a major challenge in treating these bacterial diseases in the future—because the resiliant bacteria have adapted to the modern antibiotics in use today. But now […]

Foods that fight cancer and how they do it

Many cancers and other afflictions of today are preventable.  Too many chronic health problems are the result of the nutrition-deficient and often poisonous food known as the Standard American Diet (SAD). And indeed it is sad. Many of us are eating too much processed junk food and none, or too little of the whole,  nutrient-dense foods that our body requires […]

Immunity boosters for flu season

Dr. Frank Lipman calls himself a ‘Health Evangelist, a Voice for Sustainable Wellness.’ He recently shared some of his top tips for natural immunity boosters to help us through the flu season. While no one has all the answers, there is much to learn about NATURAL ways that we can help ourselves, without resorting to […]

Natural antibiotics in your kitchen

Even the mainstream news has carried many stories about the health problems the longterm overuse of modern antibiotics has landed us in. In recent years the conventional medical establishment has learned how important probiotics, or ‘good’ bacteria are for effective digestion. As most of us know by now, chemical antibiotics kill the good bacteria, along with […]

Garlic: Natural antibiotic and fat-sugar buster

Garlic has been called a lot of names, depending on whether you love or hate it. But the most enduring is ‘stinking rose.’ No one knows why, as the garlic plant, which belongs to the genus Allium, along with leeks, onions, shallots and chives, is more closely related to a lily than a rose. Perhaps […]