Breast cancer is the leading cancer among women in the U.S: here are foods to help fight it

Breast cancer is the leading cancer among women in the U.S. Here are foods to help fight it. ARUGULA is a cancer-fighting salad green, a cousin to broccoli. Arugula’s secret is it releases isothiocyanates, compounds that neutralize carcinogens in the body. Arugula is also rich in chlorophyll, vitamin C and beta-carotene. FLAXSEEDS are tiny, nutty […]

Zinc level dramatically affects cardiac health, according to new study

A new study shows the relationship between the total amount of zinc in the body and cardiac function. This study builds on existing research demonstrating zinc’s importance in helping regulate essential metabolic functions. The study determined that when oxidative stress occurs, it is likely due to a shortage of zinc. The shortage can be determined […]

Needed: Tests for nutritional deficiencies prior to drugging

What is needed today for people with anxiety and depression problems, say many natural health practitioners, is tests for nutritional deficiencies. If only physicians, psychiatrists and other medical professionals would test for nutritional deficiencies before automatically prescribing Zoloft, Seroquel, Prozac, etc., the natural human body could be a lot happier. Tests for nutritional deficiencies would […]

Sulfur the miracle mineral

“Sulfur is ubiquitous in the Universe and essential to all life forms that we know.” – In a normal body sulfur should be the third most abundant mineral, after calcium and phosphorus. It is often referred to as ‘the fourth major nutrient’ as sulfur is required for the proper structure and biological activities of the […]

Why do we need selenium?

Selenium is a nonmetallic trace element found quite sparingly in a pure state in nature. Yet, tiny doses of it are absolutely  essential for good health. Why? Because we require selenium in order for our bodies to produce glutathione peroxidase, a powerful antioxidant that aids every single cell in our body to fight illness and thus […]

Coffee-drinkers have less arterial disease

Americans love their coffee. They drink more coffee than they do soft drinks—61 percent to 41 percent. For years we were told by some religions and some health ‘experts’ that it was bad for our health. But maybe coffee lovers should not feel guilty. Turns out it has more health benefits than we thought. Researchers […]

Sulfur—an essential, but overlooked fundamental of health

There is one tiny mineral we may be lacking. Do we know how essential it is?: Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT), says that the role of the mineral, sulfur, is consistently overlooked by those we depend upon to address nutritional deficiencies. This essential nutrient, along with many others, is gone […]

Selenium: one of the best kept health secrets

Have you noticed that a lot of people seem to have thyroid problems? It may be because they have low selenium levels. Some symptoms of selenium deficiency include muscle pain, weakness, discoloration of hair and skin and whitening under the fingernails. University of Maryland scientists say that although the body only requires tiny amounts of selenium, […]

Foods that help vital liver functions

The liver (3 lbs weight in the average adult), is a vital organ that performs more functions than most of us realize. That’s why we want to take care of it. The liver breaks down proteins and fats, provides enzyme activation, stores vitamins and minerals and promotes detoxification, purification and excretion. While liver transplants and partial transplants are […]