Calcium supplements/dementia?

Calcium supplements/dementia? Calcium supplements are used widely these days to ward off age-related bone loss. But a new study suggests that for some women they may also bring a significantly higher risk for dementia. Researchers in Sweden tested the memory and thinking skills of 700 older women and tracked their use of calcium supplements. Women with […]

Earl Mindell’s ‘hot hundred foods’

Earl Mindell’s  ‘hot hundred foods’ are listed in a chapter of his 1994 book, Food as Medicine. I have owned this book since it was published and have referred to it many times over the years. As nutritional fads come and go, Mindell’s (R. Ph., Ph.D) hot hundred foods mostly remain the same or even […]

Health benefits of barley grass

The health benefits of barley grass are well known today. Like its cousin wheat grass, barley grass is included in dried form in many superior (organic) whole food supplements. Both barley and wheat grass come from the young, soft green shoots that crop up on the grain plants. These shoots and other sprouts are far more nutrient […]

Can’t afford healthy food? Think again.

Many people are having a tough financial time today and think they can’t afford healthy food. Think again. There are healthy foods that are among the most inexpensive nutrition on the shelves. Potatoes, beans, bananas. But, except for bananas, they involve COOKING. Dried beans, for example, provide a wealth of nutrients. This includes white beans […]

Findings—Half of U.S. adults have diabetes or pre-diabetes

The most recent study reveals that almost half of U.S. adults have diabetes or pre-diabetes, with gains in the disease across every racial, ethnic and gender group, regardless of income and/or education levels. The study used National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data collected between 1988-1994 and again in 1999-2012. Researchers found a 25 percent overall […]

Your heart and good fats vs. bad fats

Recent surveys have revealed that at least half of us either don’t know (or care) the difference between types of fats… or they believe that ALL fats are bad. First, ALL fats are definitely not bad. Fats are necessary for building cell membranes, for the interaction with proteins inside cells, regulating cell signalling, and many other […]

Some super healthy vegetables are not good for arthritis

Surprisingly, some ‘healthy’ vegetables are not good for arthritis and should be consumed only minimally by those suffering from this painful condition, says Mike Geary, a certified nutrition specialist and author of the book, The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging. Know your vegetables, especially if you suffer from any adverse health conditions. For instance, […]

Is sugar cancer’s favorite food?

The negative health impact of excessive sugar consumption continues to be in the news. The World Health Organization (WHO) has released another report warning that the world is eating entirely too much sugar. And though our bodies need a little sugar, excess amounts lead to rampaging obesity, diabetes, cancer, brain dysfunction, heart disease and many other ailments. And don’t  think we […]

Finally—Government admits misguided war on cholesterol

For decades, health ‘experts’ have issued dire warnings that foods high in fat and cholesterol lead to heart disease, obesity and other illnesses. But new research has determined that government food guidelines, which prompted millions to shun red meat and eggs were not supported by good evidence and were, in fact, wrong. In the late 1970s, […]

Health news briefs: Get updated in less than 5 minutes

* Food without antibiotics—As reported by Reuters, six of the largest U.S. school districts are switching to antibiotic-free chicken. Local sourcing, environmental sustainability and healthy kids’ meals keep gaining steam as the top trends on restaurant menus in 2015, according to the National Restaurant Assocciation’s annual ‘What’s Hot’ culinary forecast. * Celiac disease—Researchers at Columbia […]