Harvard says whole grains linked to longevity?

Consuming whole grains (not refined) can lead to a longer life span and significantly decrease the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, a new study has found. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health looked at the dietary habits of 118,000 Americans who participated in periodic health surveys over 25 years. They found that […]

GLUTEN-FREE alternative grains

It’s time to try out alternative grains if you haven’t already. Many in the western world suffer from celiac disease, or at least gluten intolerance. That’s because wheat has been manipulated to such an extent that its gluten content is far beyond what the body is meant to process. It is hard to accept that […]

GMO processed junk the ‘golden triangle’ of addictive food

Healthcare and lost-productivity costs of global obesity have now reached $2 trillion a year—as much as the combined costs of armed violence, war and terrorism. And addiction to junk food is now regarded by health experts as a similar addiction to tobacco, drugs or alcohol, according to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute. Modern processed […]

Would you like a truly old-fashioned Thanksgiving feast?

Thanksgiving is only a week away and millions of people are getting ready for a traditional Thanksgiving feast. You might think the historic ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving feast consists of turkey with bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied yams  and cranberry sauce, but you’d be wrong. Our  kind of Thanksgiving dinner featuring factory-farmed caged turkey fed its entire short life on GMO […]

U.S. ‘Salad Bowl” pesticides poisoning our farmworkers’ babies

The Salinas Valley of California is known as ‘America’s Salad Bowl.’ But the pesticides used to provide us with all those luscious conventionally grown vegetables come at a human health cost. According to a 15-year study, pesticides are having a profound impact on the health and brain development of the children of farmworkers in the Salinas […]

Sugar as bad as smoking?

Is sugar as bad for us as smoking? That’s what some very recent studies have shown. Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco studied the DNA of more than 5,300 healthy Americans and found that those who drank more sodas had shorter telomeres—reflecting an additional 4.6 years of aging, which is roughly the same […]

Those pesky pesticides in your bread

As if modern bread isn’t problematic enough, with its GMO chemical additives and unhealthy levels of gluten (glue) causing  gluten-intolerance ailments, now we know most breads are also troubling our health with pesticide residues! A report released by Pesticide Action Network (PAN) UK, in conjunction with the Organic Naturally Different campaign, reveals that nearly two-thirds (61.5 […]

Men, want to reduce heart attack risk 86 percent?

Swedish researchers recently completed an 11-year- long study of 20,721 healthy Swedish men between the ages of 45 and 79 and released a 5-step plan found to reduce the risk of heart attacks in men by as much as 86 percent. The risk reduction, not surprisingly, involves common sense lifestyle changes and/or practices. The study findings were […]

Quinoa–the best ‘grain’ in the world

Quinoa is a ‘supergrain,’ that is not technically a grain but a berry, and has only become familiar in much of the world in the last few years. It is a native of  limited areas of South America and was a staple food of the Inca Empire which they referred to as the “Mother of all Grains.” […]

Bread is no longer the “staff of life”

Through much of  history, grains and bread made from them has been a food staple, sometimes the only staple, the difference between life and starvation, and sacred in many cultures. Historians say the first raised bread was baked in Egypt about 4,000 BC and grain mills have even been discovered in ancient Pompei. The exact origin of the old proverb, wheat […]