Honeybee loss last summer sets record

Two of five American honeybee colonies died last year, the second-highest rate loss in the 9 years since colony collapse disorder (CCD) was identified in 2006. The study, conducted by a bee partnership of beekeepers and the USDA, included a survey of 6,100 beekeepers. Their findings revealed another shocker—the deaths SPIKED in the summer, when bees are usually healthiest. The […]

Bees: nature’s miracle producers

Although we wrote about honey in January, in light of the steady dying off of the world’s bees and bee hives we need to be reminded and remind others that bees are an important and historic foundation of the very life on this earth. There are many medicinal and nutritional miracles in nature, but bees and honey have to […]

Honey as medicine

As far as is known, the Egyptians used honey as a healing ointment and salve more than 4,000 years ago. In 2007, after FDA approval, Derma Sciences of New Jersey began selling the first honey-based wound dressing in America. Medihoney is made from a highly absorbent seaweed material saturated with manuka honey (also called Leptospermum […]

Basic health practices of a 113-year-old

Bernardo La Pallo, a Brazilian born 113-year-old Mesa, Arizona resident, attributes most of his longevity to a few practices he’s followed faithfully throughout his life. However, he readily admits that he had a few advantages. They included family longevity genes, a father who was a physician/herbalist, and growing up on a diet of natural and […]

Natural antibiotics in your kitchen

Even the mainstream news has carried many stories about the health problems the longterm overuse of modern antibiotics has landed us in. In recent years the conventional medical establishment has learned how important probiotics, or ‘good’ bacteria are for effective digestion. As most of us know by now, chemical antibiotics kill the good bacteria, along with […]

Honey plus coffee beats systemic steroid for treating a cough

An interesting study from Iran has shown an incredible benefit of coffee and honey: relief for a persistent cough. The researchers were looking at natural alternatives to medications, so performed a randomized controlled study comparing a systemic steroid to a natural treatment of coffee and honey. They found the latter was superior in reducing symptoms […]

Top energy foods: 7 healthy alternatives

If you feel lethargic and lacking in energy, you may be making the mistake of consuming  supermarket candy bars, cereals, or ‘energy’ drinks for a quick boost, all of which are loaded with unhealthful chemical additives. Alternatively, The Global Healing Center provides a short list of top  plain whole foods noted for their nutritional and energy-boosting qualities. Coffee […]

The magic of honey

Honey is possibly the  most revered and most ‘magic’ of all foods. Why magic? Honey’s shelf life appears to be eternal as long as it is sealed. Honey in sealed clay jars thousands of years old  has been found in ancient tombs and ruins in Egypt and other lands. Though there is no expiration date on […]

EPA finally taking baby step to save bees

According to a report by  mcclatchydc.com, a Washington DC online watchdog, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  announced last week that it is developing new labels that prohibit the use of some pesticide products (neonicotinoids) where bees are likely to be located. The labels will have a bee advisory box and an icon. Pesticides containing neonicotinoids will […]

Ditching sugar in favor of honey may prolong your life

Sugar is poison, honey is medicine While honey and sugar share similar degrees of sweetness, the differences in the way our bodies respond to them are profound. A recent article published in GreedMedInfo.com notes a number of profound differences in the two sweeteners: “First, honey is a whole food and sucrose is not.  In other words, sucrose […]