Good medicine can be found in inexpensive foods

Many people in this modern world never think about the fact that there is good medicine in inexpensive foods. Western populations have been convinced by the industrial medical complex that only doctors and Big Pharma can prevent or cure disease and disorders. The medical establishment definitely has its place, but it is badly overused and […]

Fish Die-off accelerating

Fish die-off is accelerating. There have always been marine die-offs, but nothing like the rate we are seeing today. Millions upon millions of dead sea creatures amounting to tons of carcasses are washing up on beaches all over the world. In Chile, which is almost all coast with once beautiful beaches, those beaches are now so […]

Health benefits of barley grass

The health benefits of barley grass are well known today. Like its cousin wheat grass, barley grass is included in dried form in many superior (organic) whole food supplements. Both barley and wheat grass come from the young, soft green shoots that crop up on the grain plants. These shoots and other sprouts are far more nutrient […]

‘Physics’ of ancient times

Many people do not realize that the medicines, or physics of ancient times are known today to be filled with valuable nutrients for the body, as well as natural flavorings that add a taste treat to countless dishes. Physics of ancient times are also a hallmark of quality whole food supplements, which respect that proven ancient nutritional […]

Major and trace minerals needed for life

We all need both major and trace minerals for life and health. We often refer to ‘essential’ minerals, as though one is more important than others. But the fact is we need ALL of them. We just require more of some than others. Major and trace minerals are ‘inorganic’ substances obtained naturally from rocks, water […]

Can’t afford healthy food? Think again.

Many people are having a tough financial time today and think they can’t afford healthy food. Think again. There are healthy foods that are among the most inexpensive nutrition on the shelves. Potatoes, beans, bananas. But, except for bananas, they involve COOKING. Dried beans, for example, provide a wealth of nutrients. This includes white beans […]

When tomatoes were considered poison

Once upon a time not so long ago, when tomatoes were considered poison, they were grown as decorative plants, but the bright red fruits were NEVER used as  food by ‘modern’ nations such as Europe and North Americans. However, the tomato (tomatl), native to South America, was cultivated by the Incas, Aztecs, Mayas and their predecessors since time […]

Allergy-fighting foods

In many parts of the world it’s the beginning of allergy season, with its accompanying congestion, runny noses, watery eyes and sneezes. Countless people dash off to the pharmacy to purchase synthetic antihistamines, when actually a well-balanced diet would prevent or limit the miserable symptoms. Here are some of the most potent allergy-fighting foods: Foods rich […]

Folks on their own in fighting modern toxins – some nutrients that help

Everyday products are “contaminating our bodies” with toxic chemicals, wrote Nicholas Kristoff in The New York Times. Two mainstream medical organizations have recently issued independent warnings about chemicals found in such products as pesticides, plastics, food, shampoos, cosmetics, food-can linings and flame retardants in furniture and other household goods. The toxins, says the International Federation of […]

The health and historical roles of pomegranate

There’s a good reason for the inclusion of pomegranate in many high-quality whole food supplements. These ‘fruits of paradise’ are crammed full of polyphenol antioxidants that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which causes plaque formation and the development of coronary artery disease. Polyphenol antioxidants also help inhibit the growth of dangerous tumors that may become cancerous. […]