Young women run faster after taking nutritional supplement blend

A new study found that female athletes who took a supplement of of minerals and other nutrients for one month were able to accomplish faster running speeds. The research, conducted at Ohio State University, discovered women lowered the average time it took them to run three miles by almost one minute at the end of […]

Zinc level dramatically affects cardiac health, according to new study

A new study shows the relationship between the total amount of zinc in the body and cardiac function. This study builds on existing research demonstrating zinc’s importance in helping regulate essential metabolic functions. The study determined that when oxidative stress occurs, it is likely due to a shortage of zinc. The shortage can be determined […]

The USDA mission started as nutrition for pioneers, changed to regulation and welfare

The USDA mission of nutrition from pioneer to modern days has undergone many transformations. Created in the late 1800s, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture distributed seeds appropriate to the many and varied climatic conditions of the vast and sprawling United States. But of course about half the U.S. population in those days were involved in agriculture to some […]

Modern science and whole food nutritionists discuss ADHD

Modern science and whole food nutritionists discuss ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but usually not together. Mainstream medicine and the natural health field agree that ADHD afflicts many modern children. But they differ drastically when it comes to ways of dealing with the relatively newly diagnosed disease. Is it really a ‘disease’ that requires pharmaceutical medicines, or is […]

Yum yum–we are having glyphosate for breakfast

Suggesting that we are having glyphosate for breakfast may sound like a malicious attempt at humor. But there is nothing funny about it. According to a new report released in November 2016 by The Detox Project and Food Democracy Now!, the U.S. food supply is permeated with poisonous glyphosate (Roundup). The title of the report […]

Molybdenum, an essential mineral for biological functions

Many, if not most, people have never heard of the essential mineral molybdenum, let alone considered its key role in a lot of our body’s functions. So although we have written about molybdenum before, its importance in those biological functions is worth mentioning again. Molybdenum helps protect existing cells and creates new healthy cells. It […]

Is supplementary magnesium necessary? Dismal statistics say yes

Is supplementary magnesium necessary? How can that be when we’ve been told that we can get more than enough magnesium from our diet? One hundred years ago when we had rich, fertile soil, ate simple whole foods and had no processed foods, that was true. But things have changed since then. The magnesium content in common […]

The zinc link to human health

Like all essential vitamins and minerals the zinc link to human health is more important than most of us realize. Zinc is a crucial mineral with over 300 enzymes reliant on it to help with various functions. This long list includes: healing wounds, promoting healthy growth in children, helping cells reproduce, synthesizing proteins and boosting immunity. […]

The five essential nutrients you should supplement daily

We live in a polluted and crowded world. Our lives are filled with stress. Most of our food is infused with chemicals–or, at the minimum, have chemicals covering the surface. Most people agree that nutritional supplements can help offset the side-effects of this modern living. But where do you start? If a person could boil […]

Sulfur the miracle mineral

“Sulfur is ubiquitous in the Universe and essential to all life forms that we know.” – In a normal body sulfur should be the third most abundant mineral, after calcium and phosphorus. It is often referred to as ‘the fourth major nutrient’ as sulfur is required for the proper structure and biological activities of the […]