Probiotics: Eight facts you should know

Probiotic consumption has increased dramatically during the past ten years—both by supplementing and by consuming specialty foods. Despite the growing popularity, though, a recent survey by nutrition company Healthspan found that there is still a great deal of confusion about them. If you’re a novice when it comes to probiotics—or even if you’ve been taking […]

Bullet point health briefs: super-agers, sleep, hot peppers and blue corn

What do super-agers, sleep, hot peppers and blue corn have in common? Recent  scientific studies are discovering new information on how they all have a lot to do with our health and well-being. *Super-agers are the lucky seniors who retain their memory, mental sharpness, and thinking skills for much longer than their peers. A team at Northwestern […]

Pussyfooting around the true causes of modern lifestyle diseases

Pussyfooting around the true causes of modern lifestyle diseases is getting more and more difficult for mainstream media to ignore. For instance, in Charleston, West Virginia the opioid epidemic has caused so many deaths that the state’s burial fund for needy families is nearly depleted. The state’s Department of Human Services has conducted 1,508 burials […]

Modern science and whole food nutritionists discuss ADHD

Modern science and whole food nutritionists discuss ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but usually not together. Mainstream medicine and the natural health field agree that ADHD afflicts many modern children. But they differ drastically when it comes to ways of dealing with the relatively newly diagnosed disease. Is it really a ‘disease’ that requires pharmaceutical medicines, or is […]

Manufactured food addiction

Do you suffer from manufactured food addiction? According to the UK’s Lancet medical journal’s Global Burden of  Disease Report, poor diets now contribute to more disease and death than lack of physical exercise, smoking and alcohol combined. It may surprise you, but manufactured food addiction can now be listed right alongside (or behind) alcohol addiction and tobacco […]

The sugar fraud: How the industry ambushed the negative research

The sugar fraud is the latest scientific deception the mainstream has decided to publicize. According to a study published recently in The New England Journal of Medicine, the sugar industry for decades has paid off researchers to downplay the health effects of sweets. Instead, the study reveals the goal was to pin the blame for […]

Depression vulnerability linked to genetic ancestry

The largest study of this type ever done has found that depression vulnerability is linked to genetic ancestry. While researchers have identified genes linked with many debilitating diseases, the biological underpinnings of depression have remained elusive—until recently. A large-scale study that tapped into crowd-sourced data discovered a trove of 17 different genetic variations linked to depression in […]

Brains of obese people age faster?

A recent study in Great Britain indicates that the brains of obese people age faster than those of their lean counterparts. Research conducted by a team of University of Cambridge scientists found that beginning in middle age, the brains of obese people display differences in white matter similar to lean individuals 10 years older. White matter […]

Bullet point health briefs

Joseph Pulitzer once advised in part, “put it to them briefly so they will read it…” Bullet point health news highlights information important to our health, awareness and welfare. Briefly. Here are a few examples: Copper essential for burning fat—Is copper deficiency contributing to the obesity epidemic? How does it work? University of California, Berkeley, researchers […]

U. S. woman obesity increasing fastest of all

U.S. woman obesity is increasing at a greater rate than any other gender or age group, according to a report in A new study published recently in JAMA says that weight gain in men has plateaued while the obesity rates in women has steadily climbed. The most recent years analyzed were 2o13-2014. Researchers found that […]