Folks on their own in fighting modern toxins – some nutrients that help

Everyday products are “contaminating our bodies” with toxic chemicals, wrote Nicholas Kristoff in The New York Times. Two mainstream medical organizations have recently issued independent warnings about chemicals found in such products as pesticides, plastics, food, shampoos, cosmetics, food-can linings and flame retardants in furniture and other household goods. The toxins, says the International Federation of […]

New research demonstrates role of probiotics in allergy reversal

For over 100 years natural health advocates have used probiotic supplements for the successful reversing of many allergies. We covered one century-old example here. During most of this period the majority of traditional (allopathic) medical doctors have either been ignorant to the success or simply refuse to believe the claims. Fortunately these views have changed […]

Castor oil used as laxative 2500 years ago

People may be a little embarrassed to admit it, but the fact is a great proportion of the modern population is preoccupied with bowel movements. This is particularly true of older folks, judging by the number of over-the-counter and prescription laxatives consumed in America and other western countries each year. But concern about bowel activity […]

Love those beneficial belly bugs!

Great advances have been made in understanding the important role of gut bacteria, probiotics and prebiotics in human health and disease prevention. A team of North American and European researchers have made several presentations discussing the current scientific evidence accumulated in this area between 2000 and 2010. The organizations involved were the American Gastroenterological Association, International Scientific […]

Are we sanitizing our way to Alzheimer’s and other diseases?

In modern societies’ efforts to make our surroundings germ-free we may be blocking most of the ‘good’ bacteria from our lives, say researchers at Cambridge University. With paved roads, clean drinking water, sterilized surfaces, little contact with soil and animals and easy (too easy) access to numerous antibiotics, we have come a long way from most of […]

Do you know what PRE-biotics are?

Most of us now know the importance of PRO-biotics and the beneficial bacteria that strengthen our immune system and ward off numerous foreign invaders that cause bad health and disease. But the partnership role of PRE-biotics is less well known. Prebiotics are naturally found in food and help prepare the body for the work of probiotics. Basically, prebiotics are non-digestible […]

Probiotics lower triglyceride level in Korean study

Remember triglycerides? They’re a type of fat in your blood, and are measured to help determine your heart health. Most health practitioners believe having a high level of triglycerides will increase your risk of heart disease. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that a triglyceride level of 100 mg/dL (1.1 mmol/L) or lower is considered […]

Depression and the gut-brain axis

About one in 10 Americans suffer from depression. In fact, in 2010 (the latest year data is available), antidepressants were the second-most commonly prescribed medication in the U.S. But clinical psychologist George Slavich, who has spent many years studying depression, concludes that there are more fundamental causes of depression than brain imbalance brought on by […]

News on yogurt, olive oil and urban farming

HOW FOOD GIANTS TURNED YOGURT INTO JUNK FOOD. The Cornucopia Institute accuses Dannon, Yoplait, Chobani and other major marketers, of misleading parents into purchasing yogurts loaded with sugar and a myriad of artificial colors, emulsifiers and sweeteners. Cornucopia found that organic yogurt has far more advantageous ratios of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids and higher […]

Autism and the ‘pesticide factory’ inside our guts

Stephanie Senoff, PhD, has spent the last three decades researching biology and technology and their relationship to ever increasing numbers of ‘lifestyle afflictions.’ These lifestyle afflictions include cancer, heart disease, autism and many others. “At today’s rate, she said, quoted in the Alliance for Natural Health, “by 2025 one in two children will be autistic.” […]