Mindful tips for cutting calories and slimming down

I started to say ‘easy tips for cutting calories,’ but let’s face it—it’s not very easy to change food habits. More accurately, it requires mindfulness. And with a little mindful self-discipline, after awhile cutting calories will become easy. *First, cook more of your own food at home. Most restaurant food has additives and extra sugar. When you […]

EWG 2015 list of most contaminated produce

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released its latest list of most and least contaminated popular fresh fruits and vegetables, as analyzed for pesticide residue from USDA and FDA data. Apples again top the list of most contaminated produce, followed in order by peaches, nectarines, strawberries, grapes, celery, spinach, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, imported snap peas […]

U.S. breast milk lags behind China, Mexico in level of carotenoids

Remember when youre mamma told you to eat your vegetables? Once again we’re finding out that mamma knew what she was talking about—even if she didn’t know the specific nutrient details. A study led by Purdue University has established that the quality of breast milk differs by country—and the quality is largely determined by the […]

Bees: nature’s miracle producers

Although we wrote about honey in January, in light of the steady dying off of the world’s bees and bee hives we need to be reminded and remind others that bees are an important and historic foundation of the very life on this earth. There are many medicinal and nutritional miracles in nature, but bees and honey have to […]

California: Hard times ahead for fresh produce lovers?

Until the 20th century, the wettest in a thousand years, much of California was a barren desert. Now in the 21st century, it is in the process of returning to its former desert environment. California is running out of water. According to NASA satellites, the state has lost 48 million acre-feet of total water supply—snow, […]

Microgreens pack a potent nutritional punch

It turns out that those baby lettuce leaves and greens that are so popular and convenient today are also more nutrient-rich than the ‘grownups.’ Acres USA reports that the first scientific analysis of nutrient levels in edible microgreens has found that many of those trendy seedlings of green vegetables and herbs have more vitamins and healthful […]

New study links poor diet to growing incidence of allergic asthma

If life was fair every new study that vilifies what nutritionists have taught for the past 50 years would say so. But life isn’t fair, and so the latest widely-distributed study on asthma makes no mention of this fact. Those who have done even modest research on nutrition know that diet can dramatically affect asthma; […]

Frozen versus not-quite-fresh

A unique study conducted by the University of Georgia and the Frozen Food Foundation and reported in Acres USA, compared the nutrient content of eight commonly purchased frozen fruits and vegetables with that of the same vegetables and fruits in the ‘fresh’ produce section. The study mimicked consumer purchasing and storage habits of blueberries, strawberries, corn, broccoli, […]

Old and new plagues hit world’s banana crops

Bananas, by most accounts the world’s best selling fruit, are under attack by plagues of bugs and fungal infections, according to the UK Independent.  Little Costa Rica, one of the centers of banana production, exporting $1/2 billion worth  a year, has declared a national emergency as mealy bugs and scale insects swarm over the plants. […]

Tip for eating less calories at a meal: Eat fruit first

A small research project by two doctors at Cornell University offers a helpful insight to eating less calories at a meal: Eat fruit first. The researchers, Dr Brian Wansink and Dr Andrew Hanks, conducted their research by offering participants different options at a seven-item buffet table. One group of participants started with junk food, while […]