Remember iodine?

Once upon a time our mothers applied iodine to the wounds and cuts children got from  active childhood activity. Some older readers may remember iodine applications as a normal part of life. But few people ever knew or remember iodine as an integral part of the body’s natural, healthful function. Researchers of the early 20th Century […]

Cheaper and healthier household cleaning tips

According to researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia, many common household products labeled “green,” “all natural,” “non-toxic,” and even “organic,” often contain substances harmful to health. The researchers analyzed 37 such consumer products including cleaning, personal care, laundry and air freshening commodities, testing for 156 volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Forty-two of the products […]

Chemical stew in modern world replaces lifegiving minerals

When vital minerals are deficient in the diet, the body is far more vulnerable to picking  up toxic  metals from the environment, says Dr. Lawrence Wilson. Stress also causes our body to use more minerals. ( We need to pay more attention to what minerals and vitamins we are ingesting or lacking, as they work together and are […]

Good salt versus bad salt

Like many modern medical fads, salt has been demonized, and millions of people have subscribed to  low salt diets on the advice of  doctors, often to their detriment. The fact is, we can’t live without salt. Without sufficient salt our memory and ability to think would be impaired, our muscles wouldn’t work properly and our heart would be affected. […]

Salt, the Demagogued Necessity

Salt has a bad name in modern society. Doctors have told countless millions to cut back on their salt. And rightly so. Because those countless millions are consuming supermarket, superprocessed  white salt and processed foods full of same, which those educated in natural health know is ‘poisonous’ salt, stuff which, like so many of our […]