Bullet point health briefs: super-agers, sleep, hot peppers and blue corn

What do super-agers, sleep, hot peppers and blue corn have in common? Recent  scientific studies are discovering new information on how they all have a lot to do with our health and well-being. *Super-agers are the lucky seniors who retain their memory, mental sharpness, and thinking skills for much longer than their peers. A team at Northwestern […]

Research points to essential role of sunlight in lowering BMI

With so much of the population currently overweight or obese the magical BMI number (Body Mass Index) is now receiving a lot of attention. It is even standard procedure for many doctors offices to include it in their patient forms. And for those fixated on this important number—or those who know nothing about it, but are […]

Health issues in the mainstream media

Health issues in the mainstream media have for years been predominately focused on this or that miraculous pharmaceutical drug or procedure to prevent or ‘cure’ the increasing numbers of ills that affect us today. Natural prevention and even cures have been rarely mentioned—and even demagogued as “quackery.” But now there seems to be a slight change in the […]

People who read for pleasure have more self-esteem, less depression, better sleep

Recent UK research has shown that reading for pleasure has benefits that go way beyond increasing the knowledge base of children and adults. The research demonstrated that reading helps people enjoy social occasions more; boosts the emotional understanding of children; and provided escapism that was associated with relaxation. The report, conducted by BOP Consulting and […]

Why am I not losing weight!?

You exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, but can’t seem to lose those pounds you want to shed. Here are some of the reasons: * Portions—It is well known that almost all people eat more than they realize, according to Holly Herrington, a dietician and clinical nutritionist for the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Northwestern Medical Faculty […]

Sound pollution affecting our brains

A study at the University of Texas, Dallas has concluded that noise pollution is more than a nuisance, It affects our brains’ ability to function efficiently—especially in decoding speech. The constant sounds emanating from increased urbanization, increased sound technology and increased mechanization (even on the farms), leads to sleep problems, loss of concentration, and increase […]

Excessive bra wearing may contribute to breast cancer

Have ‘experts’ confirmed a definite link between bras and breast cancer? No. Women don’t need to burn their bras just yet. But it might be wise to do some research on the many studies that have been done in several countries which indicate possible links to the dread disease afflicting so many women today. Also, a smart […]

Healthful sleep may help prevent Alzheimer’s

According to a National Public Radio article (npr.org), adequate sleep may be even more important than previously thought. It seems that while you sleep the brain is hard at work! A team of scientists led by Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, professor of neurosurgery at the University of Rochester, found that while mice were sleeping the flow […]

Mineral/vitamin deficiency linked to sleep problems

But pharmaceutical sleeping aids have many side effects that may cause more problems than lack of sleep. For one thing, they add burdens to your body that is already battling against the assault of  nutritionally deficient  products of the manipulated industrial food saturating the market today. Your body has no hope of functioning efficiently without adequate nutritional […]

Looking for an easy way to lose weight? Try sleeping more.

Although not a new concept, recent research is adding to the idea that lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health. Recently, researchers at the University of Colorado studied the effects of less sleep when it came to weight control. In this particular study it was demonstrated that participants who received only five hours of […]