Trump and the clean food movement: Will biotech grow while natural health suffers?

President-elect Donald Trump and the clean food movement show signs of a disconnect that bodes ill for those of us committed to natural health and diet. Biotech stocks soared on the news that the President-elect had appointed Mike Pompeo (R-Kans) as head of his administration’s CIA. Because… Two years ago Pompeo introduced the misnamed ‘Safe and […]

Manufactured food addiction

Do you suffer from manufactured food addiction? According to the UK’s Lancet medical journal’s Global Burden of  Disease Report, poor diets now contribute to more disease and death than lack of physical exercise, smoking and alcohol combined. It may surprise you, but manufactured food addiction can now be listed right alongside (or behind) alcohol addiction and tobacco […]

Thiamine (vitamin B1), “the morale vitamin”

Thiamine (vitamin B1), the “morale vitamin,” got its nickname because of its positive impact on our nerves. It is also referred to as the “anti-stress vitamin,” as it helps the body withstand the stress we are all subjected to at different times of our lives. So, how does thiamine (vitamin B1), the “morale vitamin,” work […]

The sugar fraud: How the industry ambushed the negative research

The sugar fraud is the latest scientific deception the mainstream has decided to publicize. According to a study published recently in The New England Journal of Medicine, the sugar industry for decades has paid off researchers to downplay the health effects of sweets. Instead, the study reveals the goal was to pin the blame for […]

Introduction to probiotics

Beneficial Bacteria Support Your Inner Eco-system If you happen to be one of those people who think bacteria are all evils to avoided, think again. If you don’t know any better, it’s easy to think of  bacteria in a negative light. However, our bodies are—or should be—loaded with up to 1,000 species of beneficial bacteria. That equates […]

Childhood cancer up 40 percent?

Is childhood cancer up 40 percent? Apparently it is in the UK, where an extensive recent study was conducted by the organization, Children With Cancer-UK. According to Alaedain Phillipe, science advisor at the organization, analysis reveals that childhood cancer is up 40 percent in the last 16 years. The most evident—and the most astonishing to researchers—was the […]

Human parasites and hosts on the land

In this world there are human parasites and hosts on the land that greatly affect the quality of our food. The host of agriculture will always be the land and the people who care for and depend on that land in accordance with nature’s laws and limitations. History is replete with examples of both human parasites and hosts […]

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) is more important than you think

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6), is more important than you think. It’s very difficult for  most of us to comprehend how vital each natural nutrient is to our health. All the B vitamins are essential for converting food to energy and helping the body metabolize fats and proteins. They are necessary for healthy hair, skin, liver and eyes. […]

Adrenal fatigue: The 21st century stress syndrome

Adrenal fatigue: The 21st century stress syndrome, is the title of the book by Dr. James L. Wilson, ND.,D.C., PhD. Mayo Clinic’s definition of adrenal fatigue is that it is a “collection of nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, body aches, low blood pressure, chronic stress, nervousness, sleep disturbances, weight loss or gain, and digestive problems.” The […]

Needed: Tests for nutritional deficiencies prior to drugging

What is needed today for people with anxiety and depression problems, say many natural health practitioners, is tests for nutritional deficiencies. If only physicians, psychiatrists and other medical professionals would test for nutritional deficiencies before automatically prescribing Zoloft, Seroquel, Prozac, etc., the natural human body could be a lot happier. Tests for nutritional deficiencies would […]