Modern Americans’ shortened life expectancy

Americans now have a shortened life expectancy than that of other people living in First World countries, according to a new study by the National Center for Health Statistics. Americans have a 2.2 year shorter average lifespan than people in UK, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Australia, Canada and Austria. Once […]

Finally—Government admits misguided war on cholesterol

For decades, health ‘experts’ have issued dire warnings that foods high in fat and cholesterol lead to heart disease, obesity and other illnesses. But new research has determined that government food guidelines, which prompted millions to shun red meat and eggs were not supported by good evidence and were, in fact, wrong. In the late 1970s, […]

Maybe there are healthier alternatives to Viagra?

Erectile dysfunction, or trouble ‘getting it up,’ is referred to by Dr. Joseph Mercola and other medical professionals as the “canary in the trousers,” as it reflects body-wide endothelial dysfunction, a precursor to cardiovascular problems. Men in the 35 to 45 age range experience what is  called ‘andropause,’ a period when erotic hormones such as […]

British MDs rebel against statin advice

Doctors in Britain are in rebellion against their own national health leaders, who want them to issue statins to millions of healthy Britons, reports the UK Express. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is pondering a law that would require physicians to prescribe statins such as Zocor, Lipitor and Lescol to all men over […]

The role of doctors and TV in prescription drug abuse and misuse

An article in the March 2014 Journal of the American Medical Association said that physicians prescribing excessive numbers of pharmaceutical drugs are the primary contributors to the prescription drug overdose epidemic–not  TV, friends and family as previously thought. Dr. Brownstein, author of the book Drugs That Don’t Work and Natural Therapies That Do, said too much money […]

Millions face serious side affects as statin use increases

Statins can lead to a 20 percent chance of patients developing heart disease,  Dr. Kailish Chand, deputy chairman of the British Medical Association told the UK Express. Statin drugs such as Lipitor are currently offered to patients with a 20 percent risk of developing heart disease to help keep their cholesterol levels in check, but under the […]

Director of Centers for Disease Control admits Pharma narcotics out of control

The dangers of Big Pharma painkillers have become so alarming that even Dr. Tom Frieden,  directors of the Centers for Disease Control, has spoken out, said Elizabeth Renter, writing in Renter quoted Dr. Frieden, who sharply criticized U.S. doctors for putting people at risk of addiction and overdose through their liberal and unrestrained painkiller […]

Deadly Pharma Drugs Setting Records

Most people have heard by now that opiate-based painkillers such as hydrocodone and oxycontin, both prescribed and abused, kill more people in a year than auto accidents. And these Pharma drugs have long caused more fatalities than all illegal drugs combined. Those records aren’t so new anymore.So why do the fatalities continue to increase? And […]

$25 Billion Reasons Why

According to Sayer Ji, in an article on, approximately 1 in 4 Americans over the age of 45 are taking a statin drug to lower their level of LDL cholesterol, supposedly a primary villain in the onset of heart disease. In conventional medicine, LDL cholesterol is blamed for ‘causing’ plaque buildup in the arteries, […]