Attack diabetes with rosemary and oregano

Well, maybe those two historic and popular herbs, rosemary and oregano,  are not the ‘instant cure’ so many people seek  today, but maybe they are more of a magic health bullet than we think! Modern science has just ‘discovered’ that those two ancient herbs are packed with healthful compounds, and now lab tests show they could work […]

Vegetable colors and their health benefits

The USDA recommends that half our dinner plate should consist of fruits and vegetables. Harvard Medical School emphasizes more vegetables—and fruit in moderation. Natural nutritional experts advocate 2/3 vegetables on the dinner plate. Whichever position you favor, it is clear from the rise of cancers, strokes, diabetes, digestion and mental ailments that the Western diet […]

New studies reveal importance of cell function and health

Living cells in human (and animal) bodies are like miniature factories, responsible for the manufacture of more than 25,000 different proteins with very specific 3-D shapes. Like an overwhelmed manufacturing assembly line,  stressed cells can end up producing mishapen proteins that are unfolded or misfolded. Then the whole process can get messed up. Duke University researchers […]

Biblical beans–superfood then and now

Many of us are familiar with the old ditty— Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot. But humor aside, beans are excellent for digestion, releasing natural chemicals that aid the digestive process. Beans help prevent and cure constipation and can stop hemorrhoids and other bowel-related problems from developing by keeping wastes […]

‘Superfoods’ and ‘Powerhouse’ foods scientifically defined

During the last few years the terms ‘superfoods’ and ‘powerhouse foods’ have been added to our vocabulary, with frequent new ‘flavors of the month’ popping up on a regular basis. Most recently, kale and broccoli have been the nutritional stars of the food stage. And, no doubt about it they, along with many others, are fine, […]

You CAN eat healthy on a small food budget

We’ve all heard many stories about how the lowest income groups cannot afford healthy food because it’s too expensive. While it is true that  often the best (organic) food is more expensive than conventional food, it is also  true that just as often that the processed/fast food Standard American Diet consumed by so many people […]

Deadly fungus savaging coffee plantations

First it was bananas, then citrus fruits, now it’s coffee crops under attack. Coffee rust, or roya, in Spanish has already caused $1 billion in losses across parts of Latin America, according to  Roya is highly contagious, due to its airborne fungal spores. Arabica coffee beans which come from smaller, high-altitude farms and are the […]

Popcorn great for health–but NOT microwaved!

Scientists have discovered that popcorn, the stuff we all love to eat–especially at the movies, is an excellent health food–a Superfood. A serving of popcorn contains more of the healthful antioxidant substances polyphenols  than a day’s worth of fruits and vegetables. Joe Vinson, Ph.D, a pioneer in analyzing healthful components in chocolate, nuts and other common foods, […]

Microgreens pack a potent nutritional punch

It turns out that those baby lettuce leaves and greens that are so popular and convenient today are also more nutrient-rich than the ‘grownups.’ Acres USA reports that the first scientific analysis of nutrient levels in edible microgreens has found that many of those trendy seedlings of green vegetables and herbs have more vitamins and healthful […]

Reduce breast cancer risk with a tomato-rich diet

According to research published in The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology &  Metabolism, a tomato-rich diet may help protect at-risk postmenopausal women from breast cancer. Breast cancer risk rises in postmenopausal women as their body mass index climbs. The study found eating a diet high in tomatoes had a positive effect on the level […]