Foods and nutrients to help sustain health during the holiday season

We all tend to over-indulge during the winter holiday season and gatherings with friends and family. Here are just a few tips about foods and nutrients you may want to double up on to help preserve health during the rush of Christmas and New Year get-togethers. Coconut oil contains a rich supply of lauric acid, which attacks viruses, […]

Amazing food facts you may not know

* Do you enjoy teas, herbal and otherwise?  You may want to check out drinks containing hibiscus flowers, a tea regularly consumed in many countries. Now recent studies have revealed that it is the drink containing the highest amount of disease-fighting antioxidants. The study was published in the Food Science and Technology Journal. Another study published […]

AFFORDABLE superfoods loaded with antioxidants

A diet high in antioxidants does more for your health than you ever dreamed. Anti-inflammatory antioxidants not only ward off cancer and heart disease, but they fight the free radicals responsible for arthritis and other joint diseases, as well as diseases of the lung, such as emphysema and bronchitis. Following are a few antioxidant-rich, affordable superfoods […]

Foods that help vital liver functions

The liver (3 lbs weight in the average adult), is a vital organ that performs more functions than most of us realize. That’s why we want to take care of it. The liver breaks down proteins and fats, provides enzyme activation, stores vitamins and minerals and promotes detoxification, purification and excretion. While liver transplants and partial transplants are […]

Maybe there are healthier alternatives to Viagra?

Erectile dysfunction, or trouble ‘getting it up,’ is referred to by Dr. Joseph Mercola and other medical professionals as the “canary in the trousers,” as it reflects body-wide endothelial dysfunction, a precursor to cardiovascular problems. Men in the 35 to 45 age range experience what is  called ‘andropause,’ a period when erotic hormones such as […]

Ancient and modern cooling foods for summer

An important aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the consumption of appropriate foods for the season. And now that summer has hit many regions with a vengeance, we are in the time of the TCM element ‘yang,’ which signifies heat, fire and maximum activity expansion. It is the season when the sun’s rays reach out […]

Tea has so many health benefits it could be considered a nutritional supplement

If you’re a soda-pop drinker, switching to tea could likely be the most beneficial health step you could ever take. On the flip side, if you already have a fairly healthy diet and take dietary supplements regularly, you may want to consider adding tea to your regimen. So says 5,000 years of history—now backed by […]

Heavy tea drinkers have lowest blood pressure in French study

In what will no doubt prove to be controversial research, a 10-year study by French scientists showed that tea and coffee drinkers generally had lower blood pressure than those who drank little or none of the popular drinks. In the study, heavy tea drinkers had the lowest blood pressure and pulse pressure when compared to […]