Fun Food Facts, Part 1: Surprising origins of popular modern foods and snacks

There are many fun food facts: surprising origins of popular foods and snacks we enjoy today. These fun food facts are surprising because their origins are not at all what we moderns might have thought. Take PASTA, for example. We usually relate pasta’s origin to Italy. But the regions which today we know of as […]

The predicted life expectancy in the U.S. is the lowest among developed nations. Why?

According to a recently released high profile study conducted jointly by Imperial College London and the World Health Organization (WHO), the current and predicted life expectancy in the U.S. is the lowest among developed nations. Why? Researchers looked at lifespans in 35 industrialized countries and found that American lifespans appear to be slowly lowering, as lifespans […]

Self-discipline makes us happier

Self-discipline makes us happier, according to a study published in the Journal of Personality. So, do we know what self-discipline means? It can take various forms. And it all has to do with brain health. Many of us view self-disciplined people as uptight, goody-two-shoes, lacking a sense of  humor, understanding of others and flexibility, denying themselves the pleasures […]

The fascinating origins of Christmas customs

The fascinating origins of Christmas customs may be an unusual topic for a natural health site, but a departure from the usual once in awhile is good for the soul—and for our health. NATIVITY SCENES The nativity scene as part of our Christmas observance is a mainstay for millions of Christians. You may be surprised […]

Help avoid depression this holiday season by staying off Facebook, new study asserts

Research has long established that depression rates are at their highest during the Christmas season. Experts postulate a number of reason for this: holiday stress, lack of sleep, excessive intake of junk food, and dreary winter weather to name a few. Now a new study by the University of Copenhagen suggests that use of Facebook […]

History of agriculture

The history of agriculture began long, long ago, when the cave man gathered leaves, stalks, roots, fruit, nuts and seed in the jungles, forests and plains surrounding his habitat. He drifted north and south with the seasons in pursuit of his food. One day he realized that seeds dropped by accident near his cave grew […]

Reading for joy, health and success

The idea of reading for joy, health and success may be an unimportant activity for many people in this modern world filled with pressures, demands and gadgets. But maybe we should give a second thought to the many values reading can add to our life. A post on this site in August, 2015 reported on recent studies demonstrating the […]

Dietary supplements may help those suffering from migraines

Though millions suffer from debilitating migraines, getting to the root cause has alluded scientists for generations. Now a promising study has demonstrated that one important link may be nutrient deficiencies that could be addressed with nutritional supplements. In the study, conducted at the headache center at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center,  a high percentage of children, […]

Nutritional supplements lower extreme aggression in children according to multi-country research

In today’s “medication for everything” culture, a child who shows signs of extreme aggression is typically prescribed a powerful stimulant like Ritalin or Adderall during his/her first visit to the doctor. In fact, in the U.S., nearly 20 percent of all boys will be diagnosed with a behavioral problem by the time they reach high school—and […]

Vitamins and minerals for men

Perish the thought that deficiencies of important vitamins and minerals for men are a Third-World problem. In fact, some lean Third-World men obtain more nutrition from their limited whole food diets than American men with all their choices. Research has shown that important vitamins/minerals for men are not consumed enough in modern populations. Contributing factors […]