Brain-interfering toxins you can mostly avoid

We eat, drink and are surrounded by more poisonous substances than most of us can imagine. But here are a few particularly prevalent toxins that we can make a point of avoiding as much as possible: MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE (MSG): This additive is found in processed foods. A recent study published in the Journal of Headache Pain states that for […]

Autism and the ‘pesticide factory’ inside our guts

Stephanie Senoff, PhD, has spent the last three decades researching biology and technology and their relationship to ever increasing numbers of ‘lifestyle afflictions.’ These lifestyle afflictions include cancer, heart disease, autism and many others. “At today’s rate, she said, quoted in the Alliance for Natural Health, “by 2025 one in two children will be autistic.” […]

Scientist issues blistering report on flu vaccine

Peter Doshi, a Johns Hopkins scientist, has published a blistering report on flu vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), saying that although flu shots are pushed on the public in unprecedented numbers, they are far less effective and cause more side effects than the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claims. Furthermore, Doshi stated, the […]

Do your health-related online searches anonymously

For Your Own Protection… You probably realize that Google and the other mainstream search engines make billions off of monitoring your online searches; but have you ever stopped to think about the ramifications related to your online health-related searches? You’ve likely noticed that when you search for something like, say, a camera, soon you have […]

Vitamin E supplementation down while evidence of benefits is up

It could be said to be a paradox: According to Longitudinal Studies, the prevalence of supplementing with Vitamin E is down to 19.8% versus a high of 44.3% in 2002. Meanwhile, research continues to mount demonstrating the substantial antioxidant benefit of Vitamin E, especially in the sphere of brain health. Additional new evidence includes a […]

Supplement safety as shown by AER’s

AER is the acronym for “Adverse Event Reporting.” Starting in 2008 supplement manufacturers have been required to report adverse reactions to supplements, just as pharmaceutical manufacturers do with regards to drug prescriptions. This “safety requirement” is part of the 2006 congressional legislation that was pushed vociferously by pharmaceutical companies. Prior to this legislative action supplements […]

Do You Have a Healthy Gut?

Everyone wants to have a strong immune system, but few people realize that 70 to 80 percent of an efficiently functioning immune system is dependent upon a healthy digestive tract. Yep, the gut, whether it be large or small, is a prime key to good health. Down there in the gut is where millions of live […]

Over-vaccinated into a life of poor health

A German study released in September 2011 shows that vaccinated children have twice the amount of disease and disorders than unvaccinated children. The study involved research on 8,000 children whose ages ranged from newborn to 19 years. Researchers compared the data they collected to the national German KIGGS health study of the children in the general […]

Epidemic of Modern Diseases Called a “Tsunami”

World health organizations say that for the first time ever, lifestyle, or non-communicable diseases (NCDs), have become the biggest killer of people worldwide, prompting InterPress Service journalist Isolda Agazzi to report on their warnings as an impending “tsunami of diseases” such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autism, obesity and respiratory diseases increasing in leaps […]

Autistic Monkeys and Neutered Politicians

Monkeys injected with the same vaccines used on children began exhibiting symptoms of autism, according to a University of Pittsburgh study published as a Research Paper in Acta Neurobiological Experimentals in 2010. According to lead investigator Laura Hewitson, PhD, the study completed on macaque monkeys utilized the vaccines given to children during 1994-1999 (Measles-Mumps-Rubella, MMR) […]