A quick look at some important nutrient food sources you may be missing

A quick look at some important nutrient food sources may help you decide whether you and your family may need some whole food supplementation for optimal health. VITAMIN A Vitamin A is an essential vitamin required for vision, gene transportation and boosting immune function. While most of us recognize the importance of vitamin C, we may […]

Vitamin A, probiotics and fiber key to preventing allergies according to new research

Wonder why so many kids today are allergic to so many different foods? According to a new study conducted by Australian researchers, eating a diet rich in fiber can actually “shape the immune system to reduce allergies.” The study suggests that a simple bowl of bran and some dried apricots in the morning could prevent […]

U.S. breast milk lags behind China, Mexico in level of carotenoids

Remember when youre mamma told you to eat your vegetables? Once again we’re finding out that mamma knew what she was talking about—even if she didn’t know the specific nutrient details. A study led by Purdue University has established that the quality of breast milk differs by country—and the quality is largely determined by the […]

Ancient remedies: Bone marrow

Every now and again we will feature ancient remedies whose health values are just being discovered by modern science. Today’s subject is bone marrow (meat butter), what is often called the ‘original primal brain food.’ In America, bone marrow is usually a by-product, but in many cultures it is a delicacy and important health food, including […]

U.S. agricultural soil depleted of 85 percent of minerals in 100 years

According to the Nutrition Security Institute (www.nutritionsecurity.org), U.S. soil is eroding 10 times faster than it can be replenished. Researchers who compiled reports from around the world conclude that U.S. agricultural soil has been depleted of 85 percent of its minerals and vitamins during the last 100 years. Other parts of the globe report similar or worse […]

Your gut loves yellow fruits and vegetables

It is well known by now that most Americans consume waa..ay too much cereal, bread and other refined flour products (think gluten, or glue), and waaaay too few vegetables. What a reduction we would see in the chronic illnesses and obesity that plague us if the majority of our diet consisted of nutrient dense vegetables of […]

Vitamin A may treat obesity, type 2 diabetes

Most of us have heard that vitamin A  (think carrots) is essential for vision, boosting the immune system, gene function and skin health. In fact, vitamin A deficiency has long been known as a leading cause of  macular degeneration and other vision problems. But now, new animal studies conducted by researchers at the University of Montreal and […]

Vitamin A may help boost immune system to fight tuberculosis

Research has shown that vitamin A plays an important part in the body’s defense system in a number of ways. Now you can add one more potential benefit: according to researchers at University of California, Los Angeles vitamin A may play an important role in combating tuberculosis. According to findings published in the March 1 issue […]

Vitamin A supplements for children could save 600,000 lives a year

During the past 18 months we’ve been bombarded by a slew of pharmaceutical company-sponsored studies purporting to show that vitamin supplements are useless. (Strangely, at the same time this was happening, pharmaceutical companies continued to BUY dietary supplement companies.) But, prior to this “period of negativity”, it seemed permissible to not only tout the benefits […]