Vitamin K supplementation may be helpful for cardiovascular health

Most people know vitamin K is an important nutrient because they’ve been told by their health professional that it’s critical for blood clotting. But researchers are now proposing vitamin K supplementing for a non-emergency measure: to promote cardiovascular health and lower the risk of heart disease. There is a strong link between poor vitamin K […]

Are you supplementing the right type of vitamin K?

If you’re taking a vitamin K supplement, do you know if it’s the right type of vitamin K? There are two main forms of vitamin K: Phylloquinone, which is more commonly referred to as “vitamin K1”; and menaquinones, which is more commonly referred to as “vitamin K2.” Phylloquinone/K1 can be found in green leafy vegetables […]

Vitamin K2 lowers risk of coronary heart disease in 17-year study

Increased intakes of vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of mortality from coronary heart disease, according to data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-NL) cohort. The extensive study tracked more than 33,000 people over a period of 16.8 years. Over the course of the study 2,863 deaths were recorded—including 256 due […]

The various types of vitamin K and their many functions

The various types of vitamin K and their many functions may come as a surprise to many people. Obviously we have an alphabet of vitamins—A, B, C, D and E, but no vitamins F through J. So why K? Maybe it is because vitamin K, long known by Germans for its importance in natural blood clotting, was derived from […]

A quick look at some important nutrient food sources you may be missing

A quick look at some important nutrient food sources may help you decide whether you and your family may need some whole food supplementation for optimal health. VITAMIN A Vitamin A is an essential vitamin required for vision, gene transportation and boosting immune function. While most of us recognize the importance of vitamin C, we may […]

What is acidophilus? You secret weapon to maximize your gut health

The name acidophilus is derived from the Greek term, “for life.” So what is acidophilus? Basically, acidophilus is one of the strains of probiotics, friendly bacteria that begin colonizing in the body hours or days after birth, depending on the mother’s diet. These beneficial bacteria are courtesy of the natural function of the miraculous human […]

Common nutrient deficiencies in the western diet

Today it is possible to be deficient in almost every nutrient vital to good health, particularly if your lifestyle is mostly sedentary and indoors and your diet consists primarily of packaged and processed foods. Dr. Lawrence Wilson wrote that the Big Ag model of production and processing, which is the source of most of our food supply, is […]

Vitamin K intake slows cognitive decline

In recent years B-vitamins, essential fatty acids, folate and vitamin D have been linked to preventing cognitive decline. Now, for the first time, vitamin K has also been linked to preventing the dreaded condition. According to research  published in Science Daily, something as easy as “adding more spinach, kale, collards and mustard greens to your […]