Vitamin C deficiency linked to pneumonia in three separate trials

In a review published in Nutrients, Dr. Harri Hemila of the University of Helsinki reported that three different controlled trials had found that vitamin C significantly protected against pneumonia. The review, published in March 2017, asserted that vitamin C supplementation reduced the risk by up to 80 percent. And the good news didn’t stop there: […]

Young women run faster after taking nutritional supplement blend

A new study found that female athletes who took a supplement of of minerals and other nutrients for one month were able to accomplish faster running speeds. The research, conducted at Ohio State University, discovered women lowered the average time it took them to run three miles by almost one minute at the end of […]

Latest research shows vitamin C benefits include brain health and weight loss

For decades vitamin C has been lauded as the “go to” nutrient to ward off the seasonal cold and flu threat. Well, move over cough protection… a new study from New Zealand has demonstrated that vitamin C also provides brain protection and weight loss support. In the study, published in Nutrients, more than 400 participants […]

Are you supplementing the right type of vitamin K?

If you’re taking a vitamin K supplement, do you know if it’s the right type of vitamin K? There are two main forms of vitamin K: Phylloquinone, which is more commonly referred to as “vitamin K1”; and menaquinones, which is more commonly referred to as “vitamin K2.” Phylloquinone/K1 can be found in green leafy vegetables […]

Vitamin K2 lowers risk of coronary heart disease in 17-year study

Increased intakes of vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of mortality from coronary heart disease, according to data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-NL) cohort. The extensive study tracked more than 33,000 people over a period of 16.8 years. Over the course of the study 2,863 deaths were recorded—including 256 due […]

Vitamins and minerals particularly essential for men

Men and women are different and have somewhat¬†different nutritional needs. This article is focused on vitamins and minerals particularly essential for men. Men don’t get enough of these vitamins and minerals in the modern diet. On average, men need to eat 350 percent more vegetables and 150 percent more fruit in order to ingest the […]

Complex of B-vitamins offers protection against air pollution

A small but extremely promising study offers hope for those living in areas with unsafe levels of air pollution. According to the World Health Organization, that’s about 90% of the world’s population. U.S. researchers have discovered that high doses of B-vitamins may “completely offset” the damage caused by very fine particulate matter. One of the […]

Kids need supplemental vitamin D in their formative years

Twenty years ago many naturopaths and nutritionists were advocating huge increases in vitamin D for infants and youth—a group generally thought by the mainstream medical community to not need it. The reason these alternative-health experts were recommending increases was because vitamin D had so clearly been linked to solving numerous health conditions. The reward for […]

What is so great about parsley?

What is so great about parsley? I was thinking about that this morning as I admired it popping up all over the garden like a weed. Many people consider it an afterthought, a garnish pushed aside after you eat your real meal. But the fact is, what is so great about parsley is that it […]

The five essential nutrients you should supplement daily

We live in a polluted and crowded world. Our lives are filled with stress. Most of our food is infused with chemicals–or, at the minimum, have chemicals covering the surface. Most people agree that nutritional supplements can help offset the side-effects of this modern living. But where do you start? If a person could boil […]