Latest research shows vitamin C benefits include brain health and weight loss

For decades vitamin C has been lauded as the “go to” nutrient to ward off the seasonal cold and flu threat. Well, move over cough protection… a new study from New Zealand has demonstrated that vitamin C also provides brain protection and weight loss support. In the study, published in Nutrients, more than 400 participants […]

Probiotics: Eight facts you should know

Probiotic consumption has increased dramatically during the past ten years—both by supplementing and by consuming specialty foods. Despite the growing popularity, though, a recent survey by nutrition company Healthspan found that there is still a great deal of confusion about them. If you’re a novice when it comes to probiotics—or even if you’ve been taking […]

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA): do you know what it is?

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA): do you know what it is? CLA is one of the two essential and very potent fatty acids that help the body increase metabolic rates, boost the immune system, keep cholesterol levels in check, regulate fat and is shown to exert various important physiological functions in the body. Health properties contained in conjugated linoleic […]

Simple tricks for more nutritious meals

There really are simple tricks for more nutritious meals, according to Dr. Deanna Minich, a lifelong nutritionist. One thing almost all scientists and nutritionists agree on is we all need lots of fruits and vegetables to reduce the risks of many ailments. The list of “diet related” ailments include: Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, cognitive […]

Mindful tips for cutting calories and slimming down

I started to say ‘easy tips for cutting calories,’ but let’s face it—it’s not very easy to change food habits. More accurately, it requires mindfulness. And with a little mindful self-discipline, after awhile cutting calories will become easy. *First, cook more of your own food at home. Most restaurant food has additives and extra sugar. When you […]

U. S. woman obesity increasing fastest of all

U.S. woman obesity is increasing at a greater rate than any other gender or age group, according to a report in A new study published recently in JAMA says that weight gain in men has plateaued while the obesity rates in women has steadily climbed. The most recent years analyzed were 2o13-2014. Researchers found that […]

Research points to essential role of sunlight in lowering BMI

With so much of the population currently overweight or obese the magical BMI number (Body Mass Index) is now receiving a lot of attention. It is even standard procedure for many doctors offices to include it in their patient forms. And for those fixated on this important number—or those who know nothing about it, but are […]

Essential Fatty Acid foods and supplements aid weight loss

In case you haven’t heard the big news, after 40 years of advocating cuts in fat intake the mainstream medical profession has done an about face. The vast majority of medical professionals now acknowledge that fat intake—admittedly the right kind of fat—is critical to losing weight and for maintaining a healthy weight. This shouldn’t come […]

Obesity horror stories

British firefighters are telling obesity horror stories that are becoming almost epidemic: Having to rescue obese patients or fire victims by literally cutting them free from their apartments or houses by using crowbars, electric saws, animal harnesses, shovels and lifting and hydraulic equipment to rescue horrendously obese individuals trapped inside their homes. Last year it took a seven-hour operation involving […]

No quick fix: weight loss the natural way

There is no quick fix for weight loss the natural way. It involves work and discipline. It involves doing your homework to find out what is causing the weight problems that affect many more modern populations, including children, than occurred a couple of decades ago. “Overweight and Undernourished” is a term much used by natural health […]