Vitamin C ‘as effective as exercise’ for supporting vascular health of overweight people

A new study has demonstrated that vitamin C may mimic some of the effects of exercise in overweight and obese individuals. The small study was conducted on 35 participants and focused on how vitamin C affects constriction of blood vessels. The protein endothelin-1 (ET-1) has a constricting action on small blood vessels. This activity is […]

Peanut—the heart-healthy nut that isn’t a nut

The groundnut, or peanut (Arachis hypogaea), native to Peru and Brazil, is actually not a nut at all, but a legume, cousin to peas, lentils and beans. Its flowers bend after fertilization and push underground where the seeds ripen in brittle, papery shells. Peanuts were cultivated extensively in antiquity by the Incas and Mayans. Spanish […]

Obesity stalks the land, attacks military

A report released last week by a group of retired military leaders (, found that one in three young adults in the United States is too overweight to join the military. This sad fact is causing recruitment concerns at the Pentagon. Potential male recruits under the age of 27 must have a body-fat percentage below 26 percent, and females […]

Supersized America

From plate portions to drinks to junk food and body weight, America is supersized. For the first time ever, according to a new study from researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, the number of obese Americans outnumber those who are merely overweight. We have crossed the line into body mass index (BMI) over […]

Do you know what PRE-biotics are?

Most of us now know the importance of PRO-biotics and the beneficial bacteria that strengthen our immune system and ward off numerous foreign invaders that cause bad health and disease. But the partnership role of PRE-biotics is less well known. Prebiotics are naturally found in food and help prepare the body for the work of probiotics. Basically, prebiotics are non-digestible […]

Our blood type makes a difference in brain health

All blood looks alike—but it isn’t. We each fall into four types: A, B, AB or O. Blood types have to be known for transfusions, but there is a lot more information about blood than most of us realize. A recent study in the journal Brain Research Bulletin tells how blood type can influence development of the […]

Sheepdog sisters spread cheer in a troubled world

Sheepdog sisters Sophie and Sarah are real sisters (and real dogs). Unlike many human sisters, sibling rivalry is not a part of their lives and they are inseparable. As models who spend much of their time posing for unforgettable photographs, they are so busy they don’t even have time to worry about bad hair days. The mission […]

Why am I not losing weight!?

You exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, but can’t seem to lose those pounds you want to shed. Here are some of the reasons: * Portions—It is well known that almost all people eat more than they realize, according to Holly Herrington, a dietician and clinical nutritionist for the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Northwestern Medical Faculty […]

FBI fatties and wandering waistlines

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) priorities have changed drastically for many in the agency during the last years—from action in the field to surveilling the world online. The result? A legion of overweight and obese couch potatoes, created by seniority, sedentary rather than feet-on-the-ground spying, and long, unhealthy hours glued to chair and screen (with probably […]

The latest trend—get off your backside!

Want to reduce your chances of dying early? Then get off your backside, says The Week. A comprehensive analysis of 47 studies examining links between long periods of sitting and mortality has produced a definitive conclusion: People who sit most of the day have an increased chance of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and […]