Childhood cancer up 40 percent?

childhoodcancerIs childhood cancer up 40 percent?

Apparently it is in the UK, where an extensive recent study was conducted by the organization, Children With Cancer-UK.

According to Alaedain Phillipe, science advisor at the organization, analysis reveals that childhood cancer is up 40 percent in the last 16 years.

The most evident—and the most astonishing to researchers—was the increasing incidence of colon cancer, up 200 percent! That is not a young person’s cancer, said Phillipe.

Secondly, the researchers found thyroid cancer, with a doubled rate in children and teenagers over the 16- year period.

Leukemia rates were third, with 4,000 UK children a year diagnosed with the disease.

The researchers blamed fast food diets, known to contain many carcinogenic ingredients, air pollution, pesticides, carcinogenic solvents in homes, radiation from x-rays, cell phones and other electronic gadgets, combined with a lack of exercise and fresh air.

The World Health Organization officially states that cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world today.

Cancer was present, but extremely rare before 1900. Medicine was more primitive and people didn’t live as long. Also, exploratory dissection was all but taboo in the world.

That explains a lot, said one of the researchers, Denis Henshaw, but it does not explain the increasing cancer rates in modern children. “That throws a monkey wrench into the  theory that living longer causes a natural increase in cancer rates.”

Henshaw says that  countless environmental factors, many of which cannot be avoided, are now known to be carcinogenic. “We live in a world where being exposed to toxins is nearly inescapable.”

It is also now known that the junk diet, which is referred to as The Standard American Diet and has traveled all over the world, can affect the DNA of a pregnant mother’s child—as can other bad habits such as excessive drinking, drugs and smoking.

No studies of American child cancer rates covering the same period are available.

Two things not mentioned in the study include the increased radiation factors caused by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, and the greatly increased number of vaccinations given to babies and young children.

So what can we do for our children, given the world we live in?

Well,  we can educate ourselves and broaden our horizons—and take a lot more care during pregnancy and raising our children.

See that they eat the purest food you can buy and prepare. Learn about whole food supplements. See that they have limited time with electronics and that they get sunshine, exercise and fresh air.

Don’t let them be one of the statistics of childhood cancer up 40 percent.

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