More med death

GenericPrescriptionsSo… what do you think is the cause of most fatal  allergic reactions?

Not bee or wasp stings, nor poisonous mushrooms, nuts or any of those exotic natural herbs some view with suspicion.

Nope, the biggest culprit by far is Big Pharma, the Big Player in the Big Industry that now dominates the American economy—the ‘trusted,’ conventional U.S. Healthcare System.

We already know that annual deaths from overdoses and side effects of powerful Big Pharma drugs now outnumber yearly deaths from road accidents, but new studies have isolated the deaths caused by sources regarded as relatively harmless compared to drugs like say, Oxycontin.

But scientists have now pinpointed antibiotics and radiocontrast agents used for imaging scans as the cause of 60 percent of 2,458 fatal anaphylaxis in the U.S.  from 1999 to 2o10. Worryingly, the rate of these drug-induced fatalities doubled over the study period–which ended almost five years ago!

So, we are left wondering how much the rate has increased over those last five years.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Elina Jerschow of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, said some of the increase could be attributed in part to changes in the way death certificates are written, but there is still cause for concern.

Jerschow acknowledged to The New York Times that the U.S. uses far more imaging studies than other countries, “and they’re potentially life-threatening.”


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