Why digestive enzymes are vital for health today

“A person’s lifespan is directly related to the exhaustion of their enzyme potential. The use of food enzymes decreases that rate of exhaustion, and thus results in a longer, healthier, more vital life.” (Jon Barron, quoting the late Dr. Edward Howell.)

The order of nutrients’ importance is….OXYGEN, WATER, ENZYMES, MINERALS, VITAMINS. Oxygen, the air we breathe (20,000 times a day), is so important that our overall health and alertness would no doubt benefit by a few minutes of concentrated deep breathing daily.


The brain loves oxygen. It takes up only 2 percent of our body mass, but requires 20 percent of the oxygen we take in. Most of us don’t drink enough water and water is the partner of oxygen to move that oxygen through the body to all the cells. Blood is about 83 percent water. Our entire body weight consists of 60 to 75 percent water.

So…even though all of us know that there is no life without water and oxygen, what most people don’t know is the vital role of enzymes in health and life.

Enzymes are involved with every aspect of digestion, and all cellular metabolism throughout the body. Without enzymes, food, minerals and vitamins are useless! (That is why vitamins and minerals come after enzymes on the important nutrients list.) Every activity in the body, from creating cellular energy to building bone and muscle, to hormonal production and distribution–and even thinking–are governed by enzymes.

There are three basic types of enzymes: METABOLIC, DIGESTIVE and FOOD. Metabolic enzymes patrol the blood stream to perform all the processes of cellular metabolism needed for life. Some come in raw food, but most are created in the pancreas.

Organic raw foods contain the enzymes necessary for their digestion. The more raw foods eaten, the less one overworks the pancreas which produces enzymes that are injected into the small intestine to extract food nutrients. The more raw or very lightly cooked food consumed, the greater the enzyme production.

Chewing  begins the digestive process by releasing enzymes into the saliva. Not chewing food thoroughly minimizes the saliva enzymatic production. So take your time and CHEW!

Food with the enzymes intact account for more than half of the breaking down of consumed food into absorbable nutrients. The pancreas gets overworked if not enough enzymes come with foods. This increases the burden on the pancreas and inflames and depletes it. That is what Dr. Howell means by “exhausting the enzyme potential.”

We are exhausting our enzyme potential with the Standard American Diet of excess consumption of fast foods, processed foods and overcooked foods, and are suffering the consequences with an epidemic of chronic diseases.

Because of our nutrient-deficient modern diet and insufficient intake of raw whole foods, supplemental enzymes should be taken with each meal. A good digestive enzyme supplement should include papain for breaking down complete proteins, amylase for starches and carbs, lipase for fats, lactase for dairy and cellulose for fibers.

And that is why digestive enzymes are vital for health today.

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