Director of Centers for Disease Control admits Pharma narcotics out of control

GenericPrescriptionsThe dangers of Big Pharma painkillers have become so alarming that even Dr. Tom Frieden,  directors of the Centers for Disease Control, has spoken out, said Elizabeth Renter, writing in

Renter quoted Dr. Frieden, who sharply criticized U.S. doctors for putting people at risk of addiction and overdose through their liberal and unrestrained painkiller prescribing practices.

“Oxycontin, fentanyl, Vicodin, those are dangerous medications, “Dr. Frieden said, “and should only be used in situations such as severe cancer pain.

The risks far outweigh the benefits. They are brain-numbing narcotics that have resulted in countless emergency room visits and about half of all the fatal overdoses in the U.S.”

Dr. Frieden was interviewed by the LA Times, which has covered the issue of skyrocketing Pharma addictions and deaths over the last couple of years. Painkiller overdoses by women have increased 400 percent since 1999, and annual deaths from Pharma drugs now exceed the number of yearly  deaths from auto accidents.

Renter noted that Dr. Frieden scolded doctors for overprescribing, but little mention was made of  Big Pharma’s deadly concoctions or the FDA’s role in approving them. In fact, the FDA recently approved another drug to HELP TREAT THE PRESENT DRUG ADDICTION!

Well, at least the fact that Frieden spoke out at all is a step in the right direction. Hopefully he’ll still be able to keep his job.

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