Do You Have a Healthy Gut?

Everyone wants to have a strong immune system, but few people realize that 70 to 80 percent of an efficiently functioning immune system is dependent upon a healthy digestive tract. Yep, the gut, whether it be large or small, is a prime key to good health. Down there in the gut is where millions of live microorganisms, or beneficial bacteria are busy at work vanquishing ‘bad’ bacteria that sneak in, and ensuring that our body machinery is kept tuned up and humming happily along as it is meant to.

In today’s over-medicated world, many things kill or interfere with the gut’s busy little beneficial bacteria–antibiotics, vaccines, pharmaceutical medicines, chemotherapy, radiation, the unhealthy Standard American Diet (SAD). We have only ourselves to blame for a junk diet that compromises and unbalances the gut flora, but medical treatments may be necessary at one time or another. In that case, it is vitally important  after chemo or a course of antibiotics that we revitalize the digestive tract with probiotics in supplement and food form in order to repair the immune system.

Antibiotics and probiotics are from the Latin, anti-biotic  meaning ‘against’ life, pro-biotic meaning ‘for’ life. Antibiotics may be necessary at times to rid the body of an overload of bad bacteria, but while they’re killing the ‘bad guys’ off, antibiotics, chemo, etc. also kill the ‘good guys.’

Natural gut flora can only thrive on a diet of highly nutritious food, preferably a substantial portion of which is comprised of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (raw foods are the only natural digestive enzymes). Daily consumption of good organic yogurt and fermented foods is also excellent for the immune system.

Pregnant women who abstain from alcohol and tobacco may believe that is all that’s necessary for a healthy pregnancy, and continue to ingest nutrient-deficient fast food and processed junk, but they are sadly mistaken. According to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of the book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, pregnant women who are careless about their diet and medications put their babies at risk for longterm neurological reactions and impaired immune systems.

The pros and cons of multiple vaccinations-especially for newborns-is a controversial and much debated topic that won’t be discussed here. The most famous physician for refuting potential vaccine dangers is Dr. Paul Offit, who stated that children can have 10,000 vaccinations with no harm done…but, since he is the recipient of a $350,000 grant from the Merck drug company to help develop its very profitable vaccine Rotateq, it probably wouldn’t be wise to take his word as gospel.

Nevertheless, his widely public pronouncements have confused and intimidated the public. Mandatory vaccinations are extremely profitable and thus a political heavyweight.

So far there are no laws against probiotics. So if you or your children have or will be subjected to gut flora-destroying substances, remember the major role good bacteria play in developing a strong immune system and repair the damage by consulting someone knowledgeable about probiotics…PRO-life.

In fact, every immune system, young and old alike, would benefit by a daily dose of probiotics.



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