Excessive bra wearing may contribute to breast cancer

ExcessiveBraWearingHave ‘experts’ confirmed a definite link between bras and breast cancer? No. Women don’t need to burn their bras just yet. But it might be wise to do some research on the many studies that have been done in several countries which indicate possible links to the dread disease afflicting so many women today. Also, a smart move for all women would be to give serious consideration to the restrictiveness of the bras they wear and the amount of daily time they spend in them–especially those who sleep in them. They may be courting disaster.

Read on.

Syd and Soma Singer spent 20 years following the lives of 4,000 Caucasian women of median income aged 30-79, in five major American cities. Here is what they found:

One-half of the women were eventually diagnosed with breast cancer. Three of four who wore bras to sleep were diagnosed. One of seven who wore bras 12 hours a day or more got breast cancer. Only one in 168 women who went braless most of the time ended up with breast cancer during the study time.

And for those who think expensive bras worn for long periods and even overnight will slow down the inevitable sagging and spreading of time, a French professor believes differently.

In France,  Professor Jean-Denis Roullion used calipers to measure changes in the breasts of 330 women over 15 years and found that long bra support didn’t do anything bras are purported to do for the figure. They did not prevent the breast tissue sagging and they did not prevent back pain. Bras actually weakened the ligaments of the breasts, Roullion concluded. And his findings held true for small, medium or large breasts.

Bras can constrict the extremely thin lymphatic vessels of the breasts which leads to buildup of toxic fluid that is otherwise drained through the system. Also bras reduce oxygen intake when those vessels are closed or constricted, thus inhibiting the delivery of nutrients to the cells of the body.

Undergarments to cover, restrain, emphasize or uplift breasts have been a focal point for women through hundreds of years and dozens of fashion trends. But the large-scale manufacture of bras only started in the 1930s. Today it is a multi-billion dollar industry dominated by multinational corporations, notes Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

We aren’t going to be seeing a mass banning of bras and we don’t need to. But those who have studied the bra-body relationship recommend at least avoiding underwired bras– and  NEVER, NEVER sleep in those body harnesses that restrict the natural functioning of a woman’s body.

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