Farmers for Ron Paul Form Coalition

It had to happen.

Independent farmers have reached what many are calling “the tipping point.” They are fed up to the eyeballs with the government/agribusiness coalition that seems bent on running them all out of business. Now Iowa farmers, a component of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign, have formed their own national coalition.

David Swain, one of the founders of the new organization says, “Ron Paul is the real deal and will stand up for our rights. I support his stance that less government is what is needed and we need Washington out of our lives and business.” Swain notes that Paul wants to eliminate the EPA and restructure the FDA, “both of which limit what we can sell and how we go about selling it. Ron Paul is the only consistent candidate for president, and is steadfast in his adherence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

“Dr. Paul would end agricultural subsidies and government involvement in the free market of agricultural products, ” said Dale Rowe, another founder.

Stressing the continuing grab for ever more control, Jim Blitgen explains that in June, 2011, Executive Order No. 13575 established the White House Rural Council which “increases the effectiveness of federal engagement with rural stakeholders, including agriculture organizations, small businesses, education and training institutions, healthcare providers, research and land grant institutions, law enforcement, state, local and tribal governments and non-governmental organizations regarding the needs of America.”


Way too much government where it does not belong, says Blitg en. “I stand behind Ron Paul, as he is for less federal involvement that takes away states’ rights–and more importantly–my personal liberties.”

Those interested in the Farmers for Ron Paul coalition should visit

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