FBI Targets Food ‘Terrorists’

Yes, you read that right. People who want clean food, eggs from cage-free hens, raw milk and meat from cattle and pigs that get to move around and graze in pastures during their limited lives are the next terrorists. Terrorists are all over the place these days. They can be the mother next door or the sunburned family farmer or the camera-wielding activist who takes photos of say, the manufacturing process of Chicken McNuggets ,of which only a small percentage is chicken meat. Some guy even has a museum of petrified fast food. These foods never died because they were never alive.

Information on this recent atrocious example of the heavy hand of government, is made available only by a Freedom of Information request. The law, (mostly lost among thousands of others), is called the Animal Enterprise Terrorism ACt (AETA). Sounds good, like the FBI is trying to protect animals. But what the law really intends to do is protect corporations by suppressing pictures and other exposure of  contents in corporate food, and imagery of animals living in cages and continuously pumped full of chemicals. The Center for Constitutional Rights is challenging the law.

As Michael Kindt says on www.cagle.com, “In the brave new world of 21st century America, terrorism has come to mean anything that threatens the status quo or challenges the standings of profits of the corporate entities that have reduced our government agencies to the status of pawns.”

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