Field Test Reveals Dramatic Nutritional Deficiency in GMO Corn

We’ve all heard the claims that that genetically modified crops are the only way to feed the world, and that there is no nutritional difference between GMO (genetically modified organisms) and non-GMO food. But if you value your health and your childrens’ future, you’d better grab a shovel and start digging behind those lies.

An extensive 2012 field study entitled 2012 Nutritional Analysis: A Comparison of GMO Corn Versus Non-GMO Corn, reveals just how stunning the difference is. The  field test results were made public by De Dell Seeds, a Canadian non-GMO seed company, which obtained it from the Minnesota agricultural company ProfitPro.

A few examples from the study demonstrate how the deficiencies of minerals essential for health in GMO corn are the exact deficiences in human beings that lead to susceptibility to sickness, mental and other disorders, and cancer:

  • GMO corn contains only 14 ppm (parts per million) calcium vs. non GMO corn which contains 6130 ppm calcium–437 times as much.
  • GMO corn contains only 2 ppm magnesium vs. non GMO corn which has 113 ppm magnesium—56 times as much.
  • GMO corn contains only 2 ppm of managanese vs. non GMO corn which contains 14 ppm manganese—7 times as much.
  • GMO corn contains only 7 ppm of potassium vs. non GMO corn containing 113 ppm potassium.

A major reason for the disparity (other than ongoing soil depletion, monocultures  and heavily chemical inputs) is that glyphosate, otherwise known as Monsanto’s Roundup, draws out the vital nutrients of all living things. And GMO corn is reeking with glyphosate.  Osteoporosis occurs as a result of calcium and magnesium deficiency.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a worldwide epidemic of  magnesium deficiency.  Manganese deficiencies can lead to many types of cancer.

Another study, partially funded by Quanta Computers of Taiwan under the auspices of the Qmulus Project found that glyphosate suppresses enzyme and amino acid biosynthesis by the gut microbes, which are vitally important for the efficient functioning of the entire body.

Overrall, as reported by Global Research California, the field test concluded that non GMO corn was 20 times richer in nutrition, energy and protein than GMO corn!

Although a huge portion of GMO corn is fed to animals (what our animals eat, we eat), much of it finds its way to supermarket shelves–canned corn, frozen corn, corn on the cob (we get glyphosate straight that way), Monsanto is making a concerted effort to take over the sweet corn market, and with almost 90 percent of all the corn grown in the U.S. GMO, Monsanto already controls 40 percent of the sweet corn market.

Keep in mind that while the field test focused on corn, Roundup (glyphosate),. is a component of many other GMO and even conventional crops. It is to be hoped that growing public pressure will force the USDA, the FDA and our other so-called health and safety monitors to wake up and smell the glyphosate– and remove this toxic nutrient-siphon from our food chain.

Meanwhile, buy organic as much as possible. Know your local farmers. Grow your own. Talk to your local grocery store managers about GMOs. Be aware that some staples of ‘healthy’ food, such as papaya, yellow squash and zucchini are likely to be GMO. Hawaiian papaya are GMO and that’s a major U.S. source. The next ‘healthy’ food to worry about is apples, which will soon be coming to your children in school lunches, wrapped in forever preserved slices and marketed as “healthy” additions to school lunches.

The full results of the corn field test are available on many websites that can be googled, such as momsacrossamerica, natural news, waking times, infowars, naturalsociety and  more.


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