Fish Die-off accelerating

FishDieoffFish die-off is accelerating.

There have always been marine die-offs, but nothing like the rate we are seeing today.

Millions upon millions of dead sea creatures amounting to tons of carcasses are washing up on beaches all over the world.

In Chile, which is almost all coast with once beautiful beaches, those beaches are now so spoiled with dead bodies that it has become a national crisis.

Giovanna Fleitas reports in Agence France-Presse that so far 300 dead whales, 8,000 tons of sardines and 12 percent of the expected salmon catch ended up as dead meat in the worldwide fish die-off phenomenon.

In Vietnam (source of much of our superstore fish) soldiers have been deployed to bury dead fish, clams and some whales.

Elsewhere in Asia, CNN reported that 35 tons of dead fish washed up on the shores on a lake in southern China (Hainan Province).

Local officials blamed the fish die-off on salinity changes.

In Bolivia at Lake Alalay, 177 cubic feet of newly hatched baby fish succumbed to—whatever.

Furnas Lake in Brazil, fed by ponds of farmed fish and their networks, saw their entire crop of tilapia dead, sick or deformed.

Cambodia is dealing with a current 65 tons of dead sea creatures, Colombia with 70 tons, India with 40 tons and Indonesia (uncounted and unweighed), with tens of millions of dead fish.

The west coast of the United States is also experiencing an increase in fish die-off washing up on the coast, though not yet at the massive rate of other Pacific coast countries and related waterways.

Fukushima radiation from the Japanese nuclear disaster of 2011 is no doubt a major contributor to fish die-off.

But there are many other contributing factors.

It would be difficult for our ancestors (even fairly recently) to imagine the poisons used in agriculture today, and the long-lasting chemical deadliness of modern war weapons and weather geoengineering.

It is common for U.S. military, and other countries to use depleted uranium ammunition and deadly white phosphorous, as well as dangerous sonar devices in war.

Nuclear waste is routinely dumped into the ocean, killing plankton, the foundation of marine food life.`

Atmospheric (chemical) aerosol spraying is frequently evidenced in the skies above us, causing damage to the ozone layer and releasing deadly levels of UV radiation. (That’s why the sun nowadays seems to have special intensity and heat).

This geoengineering also alters the upper level wind currents which then emits massive methane releases.

It has been popular to blame cows for methane emissions. But cows have been around for a long time—and geoengineering hasn’t.

But this article is about steadily increasing fish die-off, especially in Pacific Ocean products. Fish and sea vegetables have long been a favorite of natural health advocates as a prime medicinal food.

However…. maybe now it’s time to take a closer look at your sea food and supplements, read labels and talk to natural health professionals about the source. If the water isn’t healthy for fish, chances are the fish is not healthy for us.

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