Human parasites and hosts on the land

corporatefarmsIn this world there are human parasites and hosts on the land that greatly affect the quality of our food.

The host of agriculture will always be the land and the people who care for and depend on that land in accordance with nature’s laws and limitations.

History is replete with examples of both human parasites and hosts on the land. Some have left destruction in their wake, while others have cherished the land and recognized that what is taken from it must be returned.

Healthy food demands healthy land and human hosts dedicated to maintaining rich soil that produces clean and nutritious food.

Today, as never before, human parasites are conducting an ongoing assault on the land and the human hosts who care about clean food.

These parasites are the chemical/GMO/commodity makers and traders who hold the firehose that is the agricultural economy—the real farmer is left with what trickles out of the garden hose.

Laws and regulations, trade deals (TPP and TTIP), research funding and public information about food and farming is manipulated by and for the benefit of the parasites.

The too-big-to-fail mentality which brought financial bailouts to Wall Street banks now has its counterpart in the countryside.

Nearly all the soy and corn production with its attendant ocean of pesticides is of the GMO ilk, and the by-products of those crops find their way into vast amounts of The Standard American Diet.

Farmers trying to maintain natural soil and grow clean food are all too often the victims of powerful corporate bullying, stuck  with increasingly ineffective and toxic technology and upside down cash flow statements.

Patented GM seeds which dominate the market, cost three to eight times as much as conventional seeds, according to AcresUSA.

Increasing corporate ownership of both land and seeds has driven millions of true ‘stewards’ of the land and nutritious food out of business throughout the world and resulted in thousands of suicides of once self-sufficient peasant farmers.

And it’s not the Big Ag lobbyist who will suffer health damage from double doses of failing herbicides, says Acres; “it’s the farmer, farm children and the public consuming toxic food.

What an irony that in America, “land of the free,” the GM barrage of false promises has remained so intact in mainstream media narrative, while in much vilified Russia, a new law bans all GMO crop cultivation and GMO animal breeding.

“Russia has chosen a different path. We will not use GMO technologies,” President Vladimir Putin vowed in a statement quoted by Natural News and several other natural health publications.

Already, Russia’s nearly 40 million small family plots produce more than half of  Russia’s entire agricultural output, with only a 110-day growing season.

Russia intends to become the world’s largest supplier of “healthy, environmentally friendly and high quality clean food,” Putin said.

Many of us sick of  U.S. corporate power and influence over our food, health and government wish America had a leader with an intention like that.