Garlic the winner in detoxifying lead from body

GarlicNaturalAntibioticGarlic, the miracle medicine of old has now been found to beat  the favored drug d-penicillimine in detoxifying lead from the body–with no side effects!

Last year the journal Basic  Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology published the findings of comparative studies between garlic therapy and the chelation drug d-penicillamine, that  had been conducted on patients with chronic occupational lead poisoning. Treatments for the test consisted of 1.2 mg of allicin from garlic extract three times daily vs. the conventional treatment of 250 mg of d-penicillimine three times daily.

The garlic treatment equaled or bettered the drug. But the best aspect of the garlic treatment was no risk of side effects. The same cannot be said for d-penicillimine, with likely side effects that include anemia, anorexia, kidney damage, liver damage, muscle damage and bone marrow suppression.

The study’s findings were reported by Sayer Ji on the website.

Much has been written about the many health aspects of garlic. It is the oldest medicinal plant in written history and its benefits have been recorded in the Bible, the Talmud and Homer’s Odyssey. Galen, whose medical knowledge dominated the world for 1,000 years, described garlic as a “miracle healer” for dozens of ailments.

The ancient Egytian medical papyrus Codex Ebers listed twenty-two medical formulations with a garlic basis.

Hippocrates, the ‘Father of Medicine,’ used garlic as an internal and external treatment for many dozens of diseases.

Roman soldiers armed themselves with garlic as an additional ‘weapon’ to protect their immune systems and ward off infection and disease.

Garlic was used so extensively on the battlefields during the Civil War and by all the nations involved in World War I to treat and help prevent gangrene and infection, that the shortage of the venerable medicinal herb became acute.

When Alexander Fleming invented penicillin, World War II helped usher in the ‘Pharma’ age, and gradually, as ‘miracle’ drugs flooded the world,  garlic as a health protector and healer became relegated to the status of folk medicine.

But in recent years the value of garlic as medicine  has been validated in a big way. By 2006 thirty-five groups of scientists from around the world, working independently, concluded that garlic, with its potent healing component allicin, is a mighty medicine and a nutritional powerhouse with the ability to protect against and treat heart disease, cancer and numerous other ailments rampant in our toxic modern world.

The conclusions of the international groups of scientists were published in a special issue of The Journal of Nutrition. And more benefits of the ‘Stinking Rose,’ as garlic was dubbed long ago, are discovered on a regular basis–its lead detox power just one recent example.