Get off cardio meds–try lycopene

LycopeneFromTomatoesCardiovascular medications—particularly for hypertension—comprise 25 percent of all Big Pharma medications prescribed in the world today, says holistic nutritionist Karen Foster, writing in Prevent Disease. But they cause many problems, and now more and more scientists and physicians agree.

By decreasing vascular resistance and blood flow, side effects can contribute to blood disorders, impotence, liver inflammation, elevated blood glucose, increased heart rate, depression, and even cancer.

Now the scholarly community has discovered even more nutritional news about everyday vegetables—the powers of the antioxidant lycopene—found in tomatoes and other yellow, red and orange vegetables.

New research by University of Cambridge scientists, published in PLOS One, found that a daily supplement of an extract from tomatoes may improve function of the blood vessels in patients with cardiovascular disease– by up to 50 percent!

This has made many health experts question the use of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs when natural alternatives can be effective without the troublesome side effects. So far, it’s a mystery what the underlying mechanisms could be, admitted researcher Dr. Joseph Cheriyan.

(Ahh..hh, the miraculous mysteries of nature which we have ignored for so many years in this age of ‘pop-a-chemical-pill-and-don’t-question.)

“The trouble with vasodilator drugs is increased heart rate and oxygen demand—which contradicts treatment protocols for coronary heart disease,” said researcher Dr. Antonio Diaz. “They work in the short term, but longterm use leads to retention of sodium and water, which increases blood volume and cardiac output at rest, which is also counterproductive to a patient with CAD.”

Cardio problems are notably lower in southern Europe, compared to the U.S., say the researchers, citing the Mediterranean diet of fruits, vegetables and olive oil (and probably fast food isn’t a high priority for people who have the good taste of favoring traditional REAL food).

Apparently, more all the time is being discovered about the power of lycopene:

* It is 10 times more powerful than vitamin E. Just 2 ounces of tomato paste or a pint of tomato juice can help many patients avoid dangerous statins. The latest research has found that tomatoes and tomato-based products are by far the most important sources  of lycopene. Observational studies in Israel found that COOKED tomatoes are best, as tests showed that the body can absorb more lycopene than in the raw fruit.

* Tomatoes stimulate the production of amino acids.

* Lycopene actually protects genetic material in the body against attacks from foreign substances.

* Lack of lycopene is linked to osteoporosis in menopausal women.

* The phytonutrients in tomatoes called carotenoids help protect vision.

Remember: You CAN improve your own health, and that of your family, by choosing to avoid fast foods and processed foods that nature never intended. It’s up to you.

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