Global obesity sets record

GlobalThreatObesityGlobal obesity has reached a level never before seen on earth.

Obesity now affects more human beings than hunger.

New research reveals that as wealth and the Standard American Diet has spread throughout the world.

Overeating (and unhealthy food) has reached epidemic proportions, putting millions of people at risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and many other life-threatening ailments.

Based on studies encompassing 186 countries, researchers found that the percentage of obese men has tripled since 1975, while the percentage of obese women has doubled, according to The Week (4/22/16).

Forty years ago, just 2.6 percent of world’s population was classified as obese. By 2014, that figure had climbed to 9 percent.

Obese U.S. men comprise 25 percent of that number, while U.S. women comprise 20 percent.

It seems that the U.S. is doing more than its share to contribute to global obesity records.

“We have changed from a world in which underweight prevalence was more than double that of obesity to one in which more people are obese (or overweight) than underweight,” says study author Majid Ezzati of Imperial College, London.

The fat plague has struck almost every corner of the planet, most severely in ‘affluent’, English-speaking countries such as the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Global obesity has struck hard in the oil-rich Persian Gulf countries that are American allies, such as Qatar and Kuwait.

Their obesity rates are even higher than the U.S.  Those cities are filled with American fast food outlets the elite love to eat, while poor foreigners do their work.

Apparently, Nordic areas and countries such as France, Italy and Greece who cherish good foods and good cooking (such as the Mediterranean Diet), have resisted overdose of the Standard American Diet and thus are much smaller participants in the global obesity race.

Many reasons are given for obesity. We are not active enough (true). How many photos have I seen of chubby teenagers strolling along glued to IPhones.

One cartoonist dubbed such a photo the ‘Walking Dead.’

But the sedentary modern lifestyle, coupled with eating too much is only part of it.  What about the type of food we’re eating these days?

Bloomberg News traced the incredible (financial) success and advent of processed foods into the typical Westerner’s diet.

Increased consumption of processed foods marched right along with increased obesity.

In 2001, Western consumers and their allies spent just over $600 billion on processed foods (many filled with GMO corn and soy additives). By 2014 they spent $1,200 billion on unhealthy foods that contribute to obesity.

According to Bloomberg, no one knows how to stop it (the increasing global obesity epidemic with all its attendant health problems).

That is really a shame, considering that much of the world is still starving while too many of the rest of us get obese and unhealthy because of poor choices.

We can all make  better choices, learning about and choosing whole foods and supplements with real essential nutrients—over the junk for profit that is sold to us in the guise of ‘food.’

You can choose not to be a part of the global obesity epidemic.

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