Do GMOs signify the rebirth of alchemists?

RebirthOfAlchemistsSeven hundred years ago the falsifiers of nature were called “alchemists,” according to Acres USA (12/13).

The punishment for falsifying nature, said Dante, was to be condemned to the “eighth circle of hell.” Others were condemned to this level for bringing disease upon the people.

While there may not yet be enough ‘acceptable’  longterm evidence linking genetically modified foods to disease, it is certainly fair to say that they are products of ‘falsified nature.’

It may be too soon to condemn their creators to the eighth circle of hell, but for sure it is a travesty to award the world’s top food honors to such questionable and unnatural, unproven organisms.

Yet that is exactly what has happened. The 2013 World Food Prize, international agriculture’s red carpet event, was awarded to three scientists whose contributions led to the development of genetically engineered crops.

Surprise, surprise! The three honored scientists are Robert T. Fraley, MONSANTO’S executive vice president and chief technology officer (father of Roundup Ready pesticide), Marc Van Montagu of Belgium, and Mary-Dell Chilton of  Syngenta. Van Montagu is founder and chairman of the Institute of Plant Biotechnology Outreach at Ghent University.

That apparently means he is a scientific ‘voice of reason’ whose mission is to  calm the ‘irrational fears” of those suspicious of GMO food.

No proof offered that the last twenty years of promoting GMOs that were going to feed the world have done anything but cause cancer in rats, drive family and peasant farmers around the world out of business, kill bees and develop everything-resistant runaway weeds.

Nary a mention of any health-promoting organic vegetable farmers or grass-fed, free-range livestock or chicken/egg producers.

Of course Monsanto contributes about $5 million to the World Food Prize festival, just as it spends millions to defeat labeling initiatives while claiming GMOs do no harm. What are they afraid of and why do so many people buy their “irrational fears” propaganda?

Not everyone does.

The European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility released a statement from 85 scientists saying, “As scientists, physicians, academics and experts relevant to the scientific, legal, social and safety assesment aspects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), we strongly reject claims by by GM seed developers and some scientists, commentators and journalists that there is a “scientific consensus on GMO safety and that this debate is over.”

Basically the scientists say there is a most “unscientific lack of regulatory and scientific rigor.” Of course regulatory and scientific rigor are swept aside in an era where money and control rule.

But the debate is NOT over. So far, money and power talks and alchemists have their day of fame, but nature stalks… and will have the last word.


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