Go California!! YES on 37 Right to Know

Here we are on the brink of Election 2012 and the people have spoken, with a slew of interesting voters initiatives around the nation.

However,not one has more profound implications than California’s Proposition 37 requiring labeling for all foods containing genetically modified organisms. It’s a straighforward principle of transparency. Consumers have a right to know what’s in their food– and for very good reason. A growing body of research links GMO foods to potential health risks, increased pesticide use, biodiversity loss, the emergence of superbugs and super weeds, and the contamination of conventional crops. Our food system is at stake here.

Despite the millions of dollars Monsanto and other GMO giants are spending to flood California’s media with propaganda, misrepresentation and outright lies in their No on 37 campaign, labeling requires only a line of ink–as is already required for 3,000 other ingredients!

We sincerely hope that California voters will not allow themselves to be hornswoggled into believing that inserting one line will suddenly make food unaffordable to consumers and companies go broke. This isn’t a ban, it isn’t even a warning. It’s only a line giving information. Suggesting that a line will damage the bottom line of Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, etc. is ludicrous.

They can well afford it.

They’ve had to do it in 61 countries that require labeling, including Europe, Australia and Japan, and they’re all still eating well (and knowledgeably). After throwing $45 million dollars into the campaign to deny labeling it appears the only thing the NO folks can’t afford in the United States is honesty.

Go California! Vote YES on 37.

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