Grassmilk goes national

Organic Valley’s Grassmilk, an organic milk produced from cows that are 100 percent grass-fed is the first of its kind from a national brand, and is now available nationwide for about $5.50 per half gallon.

As most cattle raisers know, a cow’s stomach cannot properly process and digest grains. No corn, soy or other grains ever pass the lips of the Jersey cows which produce Grassmilk. They are raised on abundant pasturage or dried organic  forage  in northern California’s Humboldt County and some pastures in the Midwest. Because the cows are able to digest their diet properly, their milk retains a greater amount of essential natural nutrients such as calcium and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than conventional commercial milk.

Grassmilk is not raw milk. It is minimally pasteurized to meet government requirements, and its whole milk is non-homogenized (commonly referred to as Cream-on-top). Homogenized milk undergoes additional processing to blend cream particles into the milk. Grassmilk is available in whole, 2 percent and non-fat.

Interestingly, Jersey dairy herds are somewhat unusual in the U.S., most dairies preferring breeds such as Holsteins, which produce more, less rich milk. European and many other countries often favor Jerseys for their richer, more nutrient dense milk.

Not surprisingly, Whole Foods grabbed first-mover status when Grassmilk went national.

Organic Valley is the nation’s largest cooperative, headquartered in Wisconsin.