Green Cows and Murdered Pigs

Are bureaucrats on psychotropic drugs?

We knew that psychotropic drugs were becoming a big problem in the human race, but when bureaucrats get on them it means trouble for all of us.Now I don’t have any evidence that the bureaucrats I’m going to tell you about are drug-damaged, but they must be. What else could explain green cows and harmless farm pigs targeted for assassination?

In the Northern Territory Times of  Australia, was published an account of an initiative called Target 100 which has has been launched to reduce methane emissions (from cows). In down to earth language it means inserting a genetically modified gene in cows to make them burp and fart less. “Limiting methane is good for the environment, and it also makes animals more productive,” pronounced Professor (of course) Tim Flannery.

One farmer voiced his doubts about this dubious pronouncement on cows and the environment. He said Target 100 should maybe focus on vegetarians who practically live on beans.

And I just don’t think Hippocrates would approve of suppressing the body’s natural functions. He said farting and burping were healthful and natural. I’d take the ‘Father of Medicine’s’ word any day against Professor Flannery’s. And I think the environment knows all about that stuff and can take care of it.

Citizens of Down Under are having a big laugh about the whole thing. At the moment, it’s all voluntary. However, in Michigan, USA, it’s not so funny. It seems that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has come up with a new law defining ‘invasive species’ of pigs. The target is uncaged, free range pigs raised by families and organic farmers for generations. Because they are not in cages, suddenly they have become invasive species. (After all, everyone knows that pigs and chickens belong in cages these days.)

Apparently the official Michigan serial pig killers are unleashed with guns and handcuffs as of April, 2012. The guns are for the pigs, the handcuffs are for the farmers who raise them. (I haven’t yet figured out how pigs that are being ‘raised’ can be feral. Maybe it’s because they can roam in more than  five square feet.)

Anyway, you’ll be interested to know the definitions of feral pigs, which I’ll give you a hint of. You can read the full coverage of this on, and decide for yourself if these bureaucrats must be on drugs. Here are some of the partial definitions of what constitutes “feral,’ according to the Michigan Natural Resources document:

“Bristle top coloration exhibits tips lighter in color…coat coloration patterns…underfur lighter in color…striped coat patterns…skull morphology…external body measurements…snout length…tail length…ear length…”

Michigan pig farmer Mark Baker, a U.S. Air Force veteran (fighting to protect our freedoms), is now determined to protect his own freedom, and that of his happy pigs, now scheduled for assassination because they’re black, or multicolored or have the wrong size snout.

Or maybe just because Mark Baker is an independent and not a cog in the factory farm pork industry/government almost-monopoly.


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