Groovy garlic: Preparation tips to best preserve its high nutrient content

GarlicSuperfoodGroovy garlic has been used since since early antiquity as an antiseptic protection against the plague, infections and every other disease known to man and beast.

Greeks and Romans used it to maintain health and give strength to their warriors.

While it was shunned in western nations for many years as it was associated with the “lower classes,” modern science has proved that it is indeed as beneficial for health as the ancients recognized thousands of years ago.

Even today the term ‘groovy garlic’ is a misnomer to some who are repelled by its strong odor, rejecting the idea that there’s anything ‘groovy’ about garlic.

Reams of information is available to those who want to learn about garlic’s health benefits, but the purpose of this article is to educate on how best to reap those benefits.

There are right and wrong ways to eat, store and cook garlic.

Wait 15 minutes after crushing or chopping garlic before eating  or cooking. Why?

Because garlic contains the enzymes ‘allinase’ and’ alliin,” which converts to allicin when exposed to oxygen. Allicin is the best component of garlic, a powerful antioxidant that staves off infections.

Never swallow garlic cloves whole.

Many people make the mistake of refrigerating garlic or simply leaving it on a counter or the top of the refrigerator.

But it is best to keep it in a mesh bag in a cool, dry and dark place.

Don’t burn garlic. When sautéing, cook onions and other things first, then add the crushed or chopped garlic in the last few moments for flavor and health benefits that will last in the leftovers.

Mediterranean people and those who know their garlic may add it in butter or olive oil to hot roasted or barbecued food and not cook it at all.

Some people throw garlic away when it starts to sprout. Sprouted garlic has the most health benefits of all. If you don’t want to use it, at least plant it. It is easy to grow.

There are health questions about buying imported Chinese garlic because of their growing methods. But conventional U.S.-grown garlic has its own problems, including bleaching, growth inhibitors and pesticides like methyl bromide.

Because of its iodine content, garlic is a great thyroid protector, but pesticides like methyl bromide prevent the body’s natural uptake of iodine.

The best solution for your own groovy garlic is to grow organic garlic yourself, or buy it organic, preferably from a local  farmer.