‘Healthy diet’ of fish becoming a health hazard due to modern pollutants

HealthyFishDietWe’ve been told about the health benefits of fish for so long that that this dietary advice has become embedded in our health conscious souls.

But like so much else in our toxic modern world, the much vaunted nutritional superiority of fish above all other meats is falling into disrepute, just another victim of the dissipation and detritus of modern society.

Farmed fish, fish caught near great industrial centers and Pacific fish contaminated by Fukushima radiation waste, all run the risk of spreading toxic contamination up the food chain and poisoning consumers.

Scientists have found disturbing links between high levels of mercury and cadmium and high rates of autism in children from coastal populations whose diets rely heavily on fish and shellfish.

Children living farther inland, by contrast, have high levels of arsenic and lead due to the effects of industrial pollution on food crops and livestock.

“Food safety is currently one of the major public health issues in the world—and chemical food contaminants are among the three key global food safety concerns,” according to Professor Ming-Hung Wong of the Hong Kong Institute of Education, one of the world’s leading toxicologists.

Pesticides and medical and plastic waste are increasingly polluting the oceans and inland waterways, and most farmed fish are not only fed an unnatural diet of genetically modified corn, soy and even processed waste, but are highly susceptible to toxic chemicals discharged nearby. Seaborne plastic residues act as magnets that absorb toxic chemicals which are transferred to fish, Professor Wong said.

“As a result of this dietary poisoning, common health problems such as cancers, nerve damage and lower intelligence, kidney and lung diseases and bone disorders are becoming increasingly serious issues.”

Professor Wong reported his findings, along with those of many other scientists at Cleanup 2015, the 6th International Contaminated Site Remediation Conference held Sept. 13-16 in Melbourne, Australia.

Source: Naturalblaze.com

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