Hippocrates said…evacuate, evacuate

HippocratesWhen Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine  taught the importance of evacuation, he was not referring to leaving your home  in flight from hurricanes or wildfires. He was talking about the relationship between good health and your ‘pooping’ regularity.

Yes, pooping. Defecation. Excretion. Evacuation. Elimination. Call it what you will, it’s an essential bodily function given insufficient attention by most medical professionals. Conventional medicine defines constipation as less than three bowel movements a week. If you believe that absurdity you’re storing up big trouble, if not now, in the future.

Among the many Hippocratic documented health admonitions: “In proportion to what he eats, an individual should have evacuations twice or thrice a day, more copiously in the morning.”

Daily inner cleansing is a vital part of the digestion process. Your food goes from the mouth, down the esophagus to the stomach, then on to the 22-ft. long small intestine (small referring to circumference). There in the small intestine a great deal of digestive work goes on. This snake-like organ is responsible for absorbing most of the nutrients from your food.

After that process, what is left enters the large intestine, which has a two-fold function. First, the large intestine is a holding area for fecal matter awaiting elimination. Secondly, the large intestine absorbs the remaining minerals from the fluid contained in the fecal matter. What is left is waste the body has ear-marked for excretion because it either is of no use to the body or contains toxins the body doesn’t want.

If left too long in the body those toxins are reabsorbed in unlikely places…against the colon walls, in the tissues, organs and arteries. Not good. The more junk food is consumed the more toxins there are.

Extensive  research by British and South African doctors have found that too few BMs are related to numerous disorders, including heart disease, cancer, diverticulitis, varicose veins, hiatal hernias and gall bladder disease. In a study of 1,000 women with a history of constipation, the researchers took fluid from the breasts and found the same abnormal cells as are found in women with breast cancer. Comparing the fluid with that from women who had bowel movements more than once a day, they found five times more cell abnormalities in the women who cleaned out only two or three times a week.

The Standard American Diet has proven to be our enemy. Anyone who has indulged in it for long probably already has chronic ailments. They’re all around us.

But all is not lost. The body can be re-trained. Give up the junk, drink plenty of clean water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Fiber is digestion’s friend. Beans, figs, flaxseeds, okra, raw and cooked greens, pineapple, broccoli and prunes are particularly rich in fiber.

If you need extra help, seek information at a good health food store, natural health websites, or a naturopathic and/or preventive  physician. Check into colonics (as opposed to invasive colonoscopy). It is a natual, benign process that empties your body of fecal matter that may have been stored for a long time.

And exercise! A sedentary lifestyle contributes greatly to bowel dysfunction. The body was designed to move!