Honey plus coffee beats systemic steroid for treating a cough

Coffee&HoneyAn interesting study from Iran has shown an incredible benefit of coffee and honey: relief for a persistent cough.

The researchers were looking at natural alternatives to medications, so performed a randomized controlled study comparing a systemic steroid to a natural treatment of coffee and honey. They found the latter was superior in reducing symptoms associated with a post-infectious cough (PPC).

Persistent post-infectious cough (PPC) is a cough that remains after a common cold or an upper respiratory tract infection. ‘Persistent’ is considered more than three weeks, and can be for many months.

The new study, published in Primary Care Respiratory Journal, was conducted by researchers at Baqiyatallah University Hospital, Tehran, Iran from 2008 to 2011.

You can click the link below to view the full technical details; however, the researchers’ overall conclusion can be summed up in one of their own sentences: “A combination of honey and coffee can be used as an alternative medicine in the treatment of PPC.”

Study details in Primary Care Respiratory Journal can be seen here.