Interested in Gardening? Avoid Hybrid and Genetically Modified Seeds

For a variety of reason which include economics, inflation and concerns about chemical contamination and nutritional deficiency in Big Ag farming, more people are becoming interested in growing some of their own food.

It might be a few containers with tomatoes and herbs, while others are committed to a full-fledged garden, whether it be a few square feet or a quarter-acre. Regardless, most folks head to the nursery for plants and seeds. You might want to re-think that natural impulse. Your local nusery, with a few exceptions will be retailing hybrid and genetically modified seeds. They are modified to be self-destructive and force you to buy new seeds every year.

Wouldn’t you like to instead get started with organic non-hybrid seeds that you can save at the end of the season and plant next year….as farmers have been doing for thousands of years?

If you are reading this website, you like to explore. So I’m going to give you the websites of a couple of families dedicated to providing you with heirloom seeds that will enable you to grow vegetables you will never find in the grocery store.

The first is Terroir Seeds, based in Chino Valley, Arizona and owned by Cindy and Stephen Scott. Their website is, telephone 1-888-878-5247.

The second is Heirloom Solutions, based in Illinois with family roots going back to the 1830s. Their website is, telephone 1-800-280-3465.

Have fun and good luck! I have for the last dozen years.

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