Just how vitamin/mineral-deficient are we?

Obese man eats fast foodJust how vitamin/mineral-deficient are many Americans—and others who have succumbed to the modern yummies appealing to us from a constant bombardment of signs and commercials?

Very, according to a recent article in Mother Earth News, which calls us “overweight and undernourished.”

Increasing evidence is piling up that longterm consumption of the fats, sugars and fluffy white foods enticing us contributes to degenerative, age-related diseases such as cancer, cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and many other dysfunctions, the report said.

Dr. L. Wilson says we are in a strange age of “modern starvation,” with the food supply “lower in vital minerals than any time in modern history.”

He blames much of it on processed and chemicalized foods, as well as medications, all of which interfere with proper digestion, and can result in an impaired system that prevents adequate absorption of nutrients.

That is, if the nutrients are there in the first place.

Industrialized agriculture has yielded a chemically propped-up, stripped soil holocaust that kills the beneficial soil microbes responsible for so many of the minerals we are lacking.

This type of mass, one-size-fits-all agriculture has traded fertile soil and nutrient density for super-fast growing and high yields.

The food we eat is only as nutritionally beneficial as the soil that produced it or fed from it, regardless of the ‘added’ nutrients proclaimed on the labels.

Many sincere and dedicated natural health advocates overlook the soil/food connection, but anyone interested can learn about the importance of healthy soil at Acresusa.com.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies common to much of the Western diet include magnesium, calcium, potassium, fiber, vitamins E, A, D and the B’s, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, copper and other micro-minerals.

Lack of these seemingly insignificant but essential nutrients can result in adrenal exhaustion, fatigue, weight gain, chronic candida albicans infection, hypothyroidism, multiple chemical sensitivity, Lyme disease, cancer, heart disease, stroke and others—especially combined with an excessively junky diet.

The body is more intricate and demanding than most of us realize. For instance, vitamin D deficiency causes the body to be unable to fully metabolate and absorb calcium.

And zinc, combined with other trace minerals you may have heard little or nothing about, is “absolutely” required for digestive enzyme production, notes Dr. Wilson. Without this important work, the immune system becomes compromised and more susceptible to disease.

Anyone can research and learn about the many vitamin and mineral deficiencies that are characteristic of much of the Western diet. And if time is at a premium, at least focus on eating more fruits and vegetables and adding quality whole food supplements to your daily routine.

As Mother Earth News said, “Vitamin supplements are no longer an option, but a necesssity.”

Sources: Motherearthnews.com, Drlwilson.com.





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